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I usually don’t mention aesthetic presentation in my reviews, mostly because the container in which an E-juice is sold is unrealated to taste, and therefore has no place in a review based on flavor, throat hit, vapor production, etc.  But just look at it!  And I feel confident in taking a moment to focus on packaging with this particular juice because the juice on the inside stands up to the high standard set by the outside.  For all of you Dr. Who fans out there, this is a gold-plated TARDIS with a diamond-studded TARDIS interior.  I certainly feel justified in assigning an “A+” to presentation in this case.  Yes, that is a real cork, and yes, that is a real human skull… shrunken by voodoo magic in the waiting room where Beetlejuice continues to await his turn, so many decades later.  Anyways, enough levity.  Blackbird E-liquid is a dark and mysterious juice, as it’s manufacturer’s nomenclature, Witchers Brew, would suggest.

I’ve tasted many tobacco flavors in my time as an E-juice reviewed, but rarely have I found one this complex, with so many subtleties to the palate.  The tobacco used for the flavoring of this monumental syrup of vapory goodness is definitely not a golden, lightly cured variety.  We’re dealing with a deep, dark brown-colored, cured tobacco leaf with the musky scent of a maduro cigar wrapper here.  Intertwined with the sensation of smoking an analog is a light, almost citrusy presence  The rest is difficult to place, and since the coven of mixmasters over at Witchers Brew keep their flavor formulations under a cursed lock and key, we can only really guess at all of the other elements that come together to make Blackbird such a damn fine vape!  I tried several different methods of vaping this dark beauty, from genesis attys to my trusty Trident dripper, and I must say each and every attempt brought a new level of mystery to this intense flavor.  Now a high cocoa content chocolate, now a woody undertone, now a slight dampness like that nostalgic sensation of standing in a used book store, imbued with the gentle mildew aroma of ancient literature…  And of course there’s that nice, finishing cognac “palate-cleanser” at the vary end, best experienced with a final, short French inhale just before your exhale is fully accomplished.

The throat hit on this heavy-handed vape, which begs for the donning of a Hefner-esque smoking jacket and pair of silk pajamas, is oh-so-noticeable, but not in a raspy, dry way.  There is a wetness to the vapor or Witchers Brew’s Blackbird that can only be adequately described as a sort of dense, peat moss.  Exhaling the Blackbird’s vapor, especially off of my Trident RDA, is so thick and voluptuous that you’ll swear that an actual blackbird sprung into existence inside of your lungs and is now flying free before your very eyes.  Except that that particular blackbird has feathers of cured tobacco leaves and eyes of 85% cocoa-content chocolate and skin of a citrus-infused peat.  It would be difficult, in a blind taste test, for even the senior-most taste tester at Cigar Aficionado to differentiate between the vapor of this E-juice and the analog smoke of a fine, Havana Churchill cigar.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that, while remaining blindfolded, he might start singing praises about the “pinnacle of his distinguished career… yada, yada, yada…”

So, in conclusion, Witchers Brew has devised something here that is anything but unholy and heathen in origin (of course, assuming this is how you, the reader, presuppose the idea of Witchcraft in general).  If you are not a tobacco fan, or you’re one of those few vapers who never really ventured past the standard, convenience-store fare of tobacco products while still smoking the analogs, you might not fully appreciate this glorious E-juice.  Blackbird is not for the faint-of-heart, in terms of tobacco appreciation, that is.  This is a solid, robust, and heavily laden vape that will keep you guessing long after you finish the entire 30ml bottle which resembles an ancient potion created in the basement of a castle by some heathen king’s resident master witch and/or warlock.  Know what you’re getting yourself into, and if you are brave enough to endure the intensity of this flavor smorgasbord, then by all means, pick yourself up a bottle and vape away!