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Clever Vape- Dipstick


I’m a sucker for any and all flavors that even remotely resemble nostalgic candies from my childhood.  Dipstick, by Clever Vape, definitely falls neatly into this category in that it has been designed to mimic those three-packs of flavored sugar into which one would dip a pre-moistened “dipstick” in order to facilitate the carriage of said sugar into one’s mouth.  Like the many pixie stick-flavored E-juices out there, this expertly crafted liquid somehow harnesses multiple, distinguishable flavors into one, homogenized juice.  I have often speculated on how this is possible, and the only thing I can think of is that a magical, treacherous journey involving one or more hobbits must be involved.  After those brave halflings collect the tears of a dragon, the necklace of a dark lord, and the whiskers of a skin-changer, they mix it all together with a few flavors harvested on the far-off shores of Valinor and… OK, my geek is showing.  I digress.  Suffice it to say, this flavor is superb in it’s reinactment, as it were, of a childhood favorite.

Sometimes tart, sometimes sweet, sometimes fruity, sometimes sugary, Clever Vape’s Dipstick is an E-juice that will keep you guessing every time you puff on it.  The vapor produced off of my Trident quad-coil build on a Zorro mod tends to accentuate a cherry and apple flavor.  taking a long drag off of my pipe mod and A7 atty pushes the pure sugar taste to the surface.  Crank down the wattage a bit, and I experience the undeniable presence of a grape flavor in the vapor.  Obviously, this is an E-juice that responds differently depending on the hardware used for the atomization process.  For me, at least, this is the very definition of an All Day Vape, and just last night I vaped my way through about half the 15ml bottle (quad-coils burn through E-liquid like a… um… like a burnout burns through burnables) whilst watching a couple episodes of the Walking Dead on Netflix, totalling a rather short hour and a half or so.  It went perfectly with the theater-box of Gobstoppers I was plowing through at the same time.

The throat hit provided by the vapor of this scrumptious juice is second to none, and perfectly resembles the smoke of a fine Havana cigar or a flawlessly packed briar pipe.  The volume of the vapor itself is tastefully thick, but not overly so.  It’s brilliant white color along with the dispersal behavior of the cloud make for the most pleasant vaping experience I’ve had in about a month or so (which in my line of work equates to about 60-80 different brands and flavors of E-liquid).  I’ve found, even though the difference is sometimes so subtle that it would take a person who vapes E-juice for a living to differentiate between the vapor of this or that product, that some vapors heat up a little too fast and too much, while others seem to dry out a bit more than would normally be desired by the average vaper.  More often than not, as long as the VG/PG ratio stays within generally accepted American norms (50/50 to 80/20) the difference is almost indistinguishable, but there is a difference, and if I had to guess, I would place the ratio of DipStick by Clever Vape at a 75/25.

I am really looking forward to reviewing some of Clever Vape’s other creations.  I’m a bit apprehensive about the Red Hot Chili Pepper juice, but I did pick that one out on purpose mostly because I haven’t had that flavor before now… So it’s time to man-up and take the proverbial plunge.  Concerning Dipstick, however, I have nothing but pure, heartfelt praise to offer up in its honor, and this may be one of those few juices for which I actually end up ordering replacements when I finish the bottle (in about an hour or so).  If you’re a fan of children’s candies, specifically the kinds that consist of various flavored sugar elements (after all, what is candy if not flavored sugar?), then I highly recommend giving this one a try in your atty, clearo, carto, or whatever you use for purposes of your own personal vapage.  You won’t be disappointed, and you might even attain the appropriate level of gumption necessary to take on the Red Hot Chilli Pepper challenge!