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Witchers Brew- Level 1 Elixir


Witchers Brew, in the span of just two juice taste-testings, has managed to run the proverbial gamut between strong, robust, full-bodied flavor and mild, deliciously light delicacy.  Level 1 Elixir flows so smooth at first that the presence of vapor is almost imperceivable at first.  Then a true medley of flavors begins to present itself one small piece at a time until this gentle, yet delectable flavor is present in its entirety.  This E-juice is essentially the equivalent of Yoda, for all of you Star Wars geeks out there (like myself).  Yoda seems very unassuming and gentle at first.  There is an air of wisdom and experience about him, yet he is wholely approachable and even somewhat cuddly.  However, when heat is applied, a symphony of back-flipping, light saber-swirling, gravity-defying acrobatics verging on fine art ensues… and the same is true of this mysteriously enjoyable elixir.  They might as well have called it “Elixir, Level 1” instead. (10 points if you laughed at that!)

The actual flavor itself has a foundation of a warm, melty butterscotch/rum/raw honey.  This perfectly blended combination of these various incarnations of sugar comes together as a sort of silk weave holding the rest of the ingredients aloft for a soft-landing delivery to your taste buds.  Then, as that strange coordinated effort of glucose intoxication takes place, the flavor of heavy cream comes through in a not-so-heavy way carrying with it a touch of peach… or is it apricot… or lychee?  Its hard to tell exactly what fruit is used in this Witchers Brew concoction, but Level 1 Elixir definitely has a hint of fruitiness to it, but without the typical citrus normally associated with similar vapes.  All together, the smooth taste of this E-liquid is somewhat akin to breathing in a vaporized peach, floating in a cup of cream, through a silk scarf dipped in butterscotch…  Yep, that just about wraps it up perfectly.

The smoothness of Level 1 Elixir doesn’t end with the flavor.  Witchers Brew must have known that in order to bring this masterfully mixed juice to its ultimate potential, they would have to make the throat hit as smooth as the flavor itself.  And they succeeded amazingly!  The inhalation of the vaporized form of this liquid is more easily described as the feeling of an Albuteral breathing treatment than as a typical drag off an analog cigarette.  The vaporous clouds of atomized VG and PG (Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol) enter into your lungs almost unnoticed at first, but then the flavor and the filling-feeling of the voluminous clouds begin to “open up” your senses.  The exhale brings everything together with a gentle, playful slap instead of a one-two punch.  The cacophony of flavors transforms into the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Williams as they flow backwards through your sense of taste on the exhale.  The butterscotch, rum, honey, peach, apricot, cream, and all of the other flavors too subtle to pinpoint meld together in a flawlessly homogenized gaseous mass.

Witchers Brew’s E-juices definitely match their unique and artistic bottling to their unique and artistic mixmastering.  Usually, when I see a pretty bottle, I figure the packaging is being used to disguise some dark secret about the juice itself.  This is not the case here.  This is another one of those companies which proves that you don’t need to offer hundreds of flavors to bat in the proverbial “major leagues.”  Witchers Brew only has a small handful of flavors on their menu, however, those few flavors carry the brand all the way to the finish line and then some.  Level 1 Elixir is, by far, one of the smoothest, lightest, and most enjoyable vapes I’ve had for some time.  In the realm of E-liquid micro-manufacturers, this brand has taken its place amongst other highly-selective producers such as Quacks Juice Factory, Original Vaper, and the like.  If you are a connoisseur of the finer things in vaping, then don’t pass by the opportunity to enjoy Witchers Brew!


  1. Witches brew level 1 elixir is by far the best I have had this far and I want to obtain some more. Can any one help me out with information on where to purchase some more. The place I got it at no longer has any more and I had to travel 50 miles just to hear that.
    Sire Vape
    Damion Patterson