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Aero- Sacred Garden


Oh.  My.  God.  Just ten minutes ago, I was a warmongering, former Marine, angry S.O.B.  Now, I am a peace-loving, daisy-hugging, bleeding heart hippie.  All it took was a single puff of Aero’s exotic, rose-scented E-juice, Sacred Garden.  No matter how long this review eventually ends up being, no matter how much detail I go into, I will not do this E-juice justice by a long stretch.  This is one you’ll have to experience personally in order to believe just how amazing it is.  I’ve been chatting amongst my [vaping] friends for a while now about how the genre of flavors has been adequately handled by the entire E-liquid producing industry, but scents have yet to be fully explored.  Well, Aero Premium Exotic Vapor Liquid has done exactly that with this juice.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, there is something almost spiritual about this vape.  It is so smooth, so flavorful, and so exquisitely flawless in every aspect that it can actually touch your soul with a hint of Heaven.

The flavor, if we can stoop down to the level of human language, of Sacred Garden E-juice by Aero is imbued with a heavy, almost Chanel #5-esque rose essence.  A few years ago, I was told that one can actually eat the pedals of a rose, and that said pedals are actually very flavorful.  I took the challenge, and was pleasantly surprised by the result.  If you are one of the few who have tried eating rose pedals, imagine taking that flavor and harnessing it into a concentrate nectar.  Then add the slightest little hint of sweetness, and a healthy dose of rose perfume to the mix.  What you will be left with is a final product that is worth more than just the sum of its individual components.  You will be left with a cloud scraped from the sparkly, celestial floor of Paradise itself.  The flavor is ever-present yet light as a feather.  It’s instantly recognizable (for anyone who has ever smelled a rose or ladies’ perfume before), yet mysterious at the same time.  That nectary feel is almost veiled to the point of being invisible to the senses, but there is no denying that somewhere in this mix is a sugary smoothness that binds the entire vaping process of this E-juice together.

And that smooth, light air doesn’t end with the flavor itself.  The throat hit of this amazing vapor by Aero is as soft as silk, even on my muscle-car of E-cigs, the Zorro!  With the voltage cranked up almost to full blast, and a sub-ohm dual coil setup on my Trident RDA, the smoothness is still very well pronounced, and the vapor production should require Sacred Garden to come with a warning on its lable reading, “Do not use in a vehicle without proper ventilation, i.e. windows rolled down and sun roof open.”  The initial inhale is next to completely imperceivable, but as the exponentially replicating clouds of pristine vapor reach the back of your throat, the vaper lucky enough or smart enough to choose this flavor will begin to feel as though they are breathing in liquid Truffula tuft Thneed (the softest thing in the history of soft things… according to Dr. Suess, that is).  Your lungs will instantly be cured of any and all diseases and imperfections the minute the vapor enters them in swirls of grace and beauty.  Then, when you reluctantly exhale this magical gift from the gods themselves, all conflicts and ill intentions within twenty feet of you will be transformed into daisies and butterflies and sh*t.  Seriously, though, if it’s a light throat hit you’re after, you will have found your E-juice savior in Aero’s Sacred Garden… and even if you’re like me, and prefer the harder throat hits, the flavor is so wonderful that you’ll make an exception for this lighter-than-usual vapor just to experience perfection.

As I’m sure you have put together by now, I simply can’t say enough about this juice.  Aero has hit a grand slam home run at the bottom of the ninth during the last game of the World Series, bringing the first win in over a century to the Chicago Cubs (my team), while simultaneously quenching the infernal fires of Hell with a refreshing coat of crystalline ice and aligning the planets.  Sacred Garden achieves World Peace, ends hunger, forgives all debts, straightens the Leaning Tower of Piza, and corrects all copies of Star Wars Episode IV so that Han shoots first… like he’s supposed to!  If you are having any sort of conflict of illness in your home, give Sacred Garden a try and you will find all of your troubles completely alleviated.  Now, it’s entirely possible that I’m exaggerating slightly… but I assure you it’s only slightly!  The only way any of you, my dear readership, are going to truly appreciate this juice in every aspect, is to order some for yourself, or look up your nearest Aero Premium Exotic Vapor Liquid vendor.