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Ooxol adds another interesting and unique flavor to its interesting and unique brand name.  Vio delivers a familiar sense of floral and fruity inclusion bordering on an oriental air.  This is a very difficult flavor to pin down exactly, but that does not mean by any stretch that the vaping experience produced by this juice is anything but delicious and enjoyable for those who enjoy a heavy, more smoke-like throat hit.  I, for one, am one of those lovers of intense throat hits, reminiscent of my smoking days… during which I smoked full flavored analogs at the rate of about two packs per day… on average.  That was ten and a half months ago (praise be to the E-cigarette industry!), but my lungs still occasionally miss that voluminous, thick essence of actual smoke.  This E-liquid easily and effortlessly satisfies that craving perfectly.

As I stated above, the veritable plethora of flavors involved in the creation of this juice are difficult to pin down, but upon first puff, I detect the unmistakable presence of lychee.  On top of that, I want to say that there’s a hint of rhubarb along with a basic, but juicy, cherry-esque flavor.  The tastes of these complimentary fruit flavors come together nicely to form a very sweet and pleasant culmination which is then added to a floral bouquet.  Enjoyment of this vape is multifaceted in that the olfactory qualities of Vio by Ooxol are amplified and nicely highlighted by the sweet fruit flavors, and vice versa.  I find that the longer I vape this juice, the more I appreciate its various subtleties.  This is a great after-dinner vape if you can take the time to retire to a real or proverbial “study” or “man-cave” (to use the vernacular expression) so you can concentrate your powers of taste and smell on this wholly unusual but truly remarkable E-liquid.

Also as stated above in the introductory portion of this review, the throat hit on this juice is most definitely not for the squeamish.  I wouldn’t call it a harsh or unpleasant inhalation process by any stretch of the imagination, but the former ultra-light smoker might not appreciate the pleasing thickness of the inhalation involved in the atomization and vaping of Ooxol’s Vio E-juice.  A “bad” throat hit, such as that of certain unnamed Chinese E-juice manufacturers named DeKang, leaves a distasteful dryness in the throat.  Such is not the case with this juice.  The full-bodied, robust vapor cloud is enough to let you know in no uncertain terms that you are vaping E-juice, but not nearly enough to be considered too heavy, or too thick.

I must say that Ooxol is one of the most unique E-juice companies I’ve come across in my stint as an E-Juice reviewer.  Vio is a perfect example of that uniqueness.  I have had many a conversation with many a vaper that there seems to be an extreme shortage of truly manly E-liquid manufacturers out there in this rarefied industry.  Ooxol makes me swallow those words a bit.  The company, Ooxol, is a Texas-based, (mostly) Spanish language juice maker.  The whole experience of their entire library of flavors brings to mind hot days, cowboy hats, belt buckles, and… well, the Marl***o man (I won’t give them the pleasure of adding the word to their Google statistics).  All that, minus the horribly painful death by lung cancer, makes this company a very attractive choice for the more masculine vapers out there.

Visit Ooxol's Website!
Visit Ooxol’s Website!