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Aero Juice stands in a league of its very own, separate and above the many others.  I have already reviewed Sacred Garden with it’s rose blossom flavor unmatched and, for the most part, unattempted by any other manufacturer.  Here we have Aura, a violet-flavored concoction so amazing that I am thoroughly convinced that the Aero Premium Exotic Vapor Liquid company has a skilled witch closeted away in their basement, making magic potions, mixing them with a little nicotine and the tears of a joyfully ecstatic purple dragon, adding a hint of nicotine harvested from the feet of Salem pixies that flit about the tobacco fields on the eve of every full moon, and bottling them up as “E-juice” to send out amongst we lucky mortals.  Seriously, this is something that no words, even from an excessively verbose fella like myself, can possibly relay accurately.  All I can really say about this juice is that I HIGHLY suggest that you skip the utility bills next month and order a few gallons of this stuff for yourself.

There’s a sort of dessert delicacy that is fairly rare these days, especially in the states, called candied violet, or Violette de Toulouse (in its native France) that tastes, well, pretty much exactly like it sounds.  A light egg white/sugar syrup is used to “freeze” the violet pedals in place and, of course, make them edible.  I had the opportunity to try it once before at a food festival.  It’s, for lack of a better word, divine with a side order of holy f*****g s**t!  That delightfully light and subtle flavor is preserved perfectly in Aero Juice’s Aura E-juice.  There are a few times when I’ve vaping a near perfectly constructed E-juice (from any of the top shelf manufacturers) that I think of something my Grandfather used to say; “I wonder what the poor people are doing today.” (It should be noted that my grandparents were quite poor themselves, raising nine kids to boot.  He would deliver this line on those few occasions when they were blessed with the opportunity to enjoy something luxurious.  I, too, am fairly poor, so I don’t feel that I am being offensive by delivering the line.)  Once in a while, my taste buds are graced with a sublimely beautiful flavor… sometimes at a fancy restaurant, and sometimes with a fancy vape.  The floral essence in this juice gives actual esculent definition to the word “purple.”  It tastes purple… and not in the ghetto “purple drank” way, but in the velvety-royal-purple-robes-of-an-esteemed-and-revered-monarch way.  And the sugar is oh-so-subtle.  The fluffy effects of the egg white mixed with possibly a confectioner’s sugar just adds panache to this savory E-liquid.

And that’s just half of what makes this Aero vape something of legend to the E-cigarette industry.  The throat hit of this truly gorgeous piece of paradise is something like what I imagine one might deeply and satisfactorily inhale through the pristine, unpolluted clouds of Heaven on their way up to their eternal reward.  If that’s true, then I welcome death just so I can lay down on a cloud, stick my head into the puffy whiteness below my ghostly feet, and breathe deeply.  Although, I must amend my life just to ensure that I don’t end up breathing the sulphuric fumes of Dekang territory down on the other end of the afterlife spectrum.  I put Aura into my Trident atty on my muscle-car-of-e-cigs Zorro mod, cranked up the voltage from “Good Lord” to “Pyroclastic Cloud” mode and took in two lungs full.  Not even the power of two suns and a deep, manly, former Marine inhale could bring about anything but beautifully light and wonderfully flavored plumes of silky vapor from this juice.  Smoother than a baby’s bottom and whiter than a fresh snowfall on the South Pole.

If you know anyone who has “tried” vaping (i.e. bought a disposable crap E-cig from 7-11) and decided that they didn’t like it… let them try Aero Juice’s Aura out on a “real” E-cigarette.  I guarantee that this will make them reconsider their decision to forego the vaping alternative for continued inhalation of poisonous, combustible analogs.  I would also like to highly suggest that anyone who either owns or is thinking of opening a vape store/vape bar/etc. do whatever you have to do in order to carry this brand.  You could offer some taste testers of Aero’s juices and conceivably sell them for upwards of $40.  People who appreciate a good vape, will certainly accept the high cost in exchange for truly top-shelf quality E-liquid.  And for those of you who do not/will never own a Vape shop, feel free to take advantage of the relatively reasonable prices on Aero Juice’s website.  No, I’m not being paid to say that… I just feel very strongly about this product.  Seriously!  If you try it, you’ll understand.


  1. Do you think their flavours are too subtle to be enjoyed by a fairly new vaper such as myself? I’ve been off cigarettes for 3 months now. I really enjoy floral teas and tisanes and so was attracted by Aero Aura’s little range.