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Kick it with the Cricket! Campaign

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmC0aGPFO2I]

Vapingcricket.com has just launched an innovative and interesting campaign aimed at promoting the ideal of living a healthier and ultimately more enjoyable life by kicking the habit (of analog cigarette smoking, that is) and taking up, in its place, the more health-friendly habit of e-cigarette vaping.  In order to participate in this campaign, all they are asking is that you harness your inner Spielberg (or Scorsese, or Kubrik, or Bay, or whatever happens to be your favorite flavor of Hollywood directorial prowess).  As you can see in the above-posted video, the ultra-short film you have been tasked with creating is one which demonstrates some creative, elaborate method of destroying an analog, tobacco cigarette.  After (or during, I suppose) said destruction, an E-cig should be shown in use (obviously, it would be appropriate and respectful to make sure that the E-cig used in your Short Film Academy Award contender is one of the types available on vapingcricket.com’s website).

What do you get in exchange for your participation in this project?  Aside from the knowledge that you no longer have to smile and nod every time one of those ANTZ (Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots) starts harping on about “Every cigarette… a day off of the end of your life… yada, yada, yada,” you also will be sent a Puff Refillable E-cig Kit, along with a couple started E-liquid bottles to get you going.  If you’re like me, and you already have a kitchen cabinet filled to the brim with E-juices threatening to spill over into the next cabinet, and you cycle your daily vaping routine through several high-end mods that cost you about two weeks salary each to purchase, you can always keep the juice anyways, and give the starter kit to a smoker friend who has yet to leave behind that archaic and outmoded practice of analog-smoking.  In this way, you will truly be participating in the spirit of the campaign by helping to convert a smoker to vaping, thus saving a life (which is considered a good thing, according to recent polls).

Here are the requirements for the video and submission:

-First and foremost, you must open an account at vapingcricket.com

-Write, produce, direct, edit, score, and bask in the glory of a short film during which you creatively eliminate an analog cigarette off of the face of the Earth… and make sure you do so in three minutes or less.

-Either visually display or vocally announce the phrase “Kick It With The Cricket.”

-Either visually display or vocally announce the website “www.vapingcricket.com.”

-Either upload your finished video masterpiece to YouTube or, if its small enough (file size, not length), email it to [email protected]

-Finally, post your finished video to the Vaping Cricket Facebook Page.

That’s it!  Then, all you have left to do is to read your positive feedback, repost the video all over the Internet on all of your social networking sites until people ask you every so politely to please stop spamming everywhere, and wait patiently for your impending vape mail.  Easy peasy.  I’m sure nobody would complain if you tap into some fun computer generated visual effects.  Chromakey screens (green screens) are relatively cheap, and you can reuse them for all of your filmmaking shenanigans in the future!  I’ve had one for years and thanks to that simple green cloth, I’ve been eaten several times by dinosaurs, and photographed next to Han Solo on the bridge of the Millennium Falcon.  A thorough imagination might devise a way to erase an analog cigarette with a meteor the size of a small Siberia, or to trample it with a stampeding congress of godzillas.

So, in wrap-up, go out and have some fun with this worthy campaign devoted to eradicating the Big Tobacco threat from the world.  It’s a good cause, and you can have as much fun as is currently allowed by US regulatory agencies.  Have fun, keep it (relatively) clean, and have fun burying the enemy with a vengeance.