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Pitbull Vape Juice- Melon Ball Moonshine


Well, I’m not sure how it’s possible… but the magical mix-master gurus over at Pitbull Vape Juice have figured out a way to add a “proof” rating to their E-juice.  Yes, there is actual moonshine in this flavor, affectionately named “Melon Ball Moonshine.”  As I drink it, I can actually picture that mason jar or severely, crystal clear, unfreezable liquid preserving and leaching the flavor off of the bits of honeydew and cantaloupe laying at the bottom of the jar… looking as fresh as the day they were Ginsu-sliced from freshly harvested fruit.  The melon flavors come across smooth as silk, on a bed of a not-overstated essence of alcohol.  The description of this E-juice on Pitbull’s website claims that this liquid is actually made from real moonshine, and based on the vaping experience I have undergone with it, I believe them wholeheartedly without any further proof (haha, no pun intended) necessary.

As I said, the presence of the alcohol is undeniable, especially on the initial puff of vaporized Melon Ball Moonshine by Pitbull Vape Juice.  I’ve tasted several other E-liquids from several other manufacturers, and I must say that I’ve never really been impressed by the way popular liquors, liqueurs, cocktails, wines, etc. have been translated into the E-juice comestible species, as it were.  The flavors are present.  Mojito E-juices, for example, almost always nail the mint and lime taste aspects of their target spirited cocktail, but the actual feel of the alcohol, as sensed by the taste buds, is generally subtle to the point of being totally invisible, or simply not present from the get-go.  Here, however, we have the very poignant marrow of a strong alcohol degustation combined with a soft, delectable melon element.  I have trouble detecting any sort of watermelon hints in this vape, but the meatier cantaloupe and honeydew varieties of the melon family.

The throat hit delivered by Melon Ball Moonshine is sublime, and a welcome departure from the usual.  If you cruise the many “geek” websites out there (like dudeiwantthat.com, etc.) I’m sure you’ve seen or at least heard/read about that new method of imbibing yourself on the oldest and most socially acceptable of life-consuming drugs… alcohol.  Apparently somebody out there, no longer content with simply drinking their booze, has devised a method of vaporizing and inhaling their weekly choice of intoxicating poison.  (If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, google “Vaportini.”)  I’ve vaped almost this entire bottle of E-juice so far, and have yet to feel so much as a buzz… but I imagine that the atomization of this Pitbull Vape Juice product, and the vaporization of actual alcohol in the rarefied Vaportini machine, deliver very similar results.  There is more of a beverage-y kind of feeling in the inhalation of this juice.  An actual moisture of some sort is present in these billowing clouds of wonder and ingeniousness.  Generally speaking, I tend to drink more water while vaping… primarily to cleanse the palate, but also because the gaseous form of both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine tend to dry out one’s mouth and throat, at least from my experience.

So, if you fancy unique and unusually, but still highly enjoyable vaping experiences, consider picking up a bottle of Pitbull Vape Juice’s Melon Ball Moonshine E-juice.  If you’re an incurable E-juice collector, like I am, you’re probably primed for a little change-up in the area of new and interesting juice flavor options.  I won’t even say that this juice is only enjoyable to practised moonshine drinkers.  There is no “drunkenness” taking place during the vaping of this artistically and expertly created elixir of moonshiney yumminess.  I, myself, am not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination.  Lately I have been imbibing in the practise of alcoholic beverage drinking at the rate of about three or four drinks per year.  And I don’t think I’ve been “drunk” for over five years!  I still do, however, appreciate the essence of alcohol in the culinary (and therefore flavoring) arts.  I also continue to appreciate the inclusion of fresh fruits in the “steeping” process of alcohol flavoring.  This juice captures the spirit of this practice and will deliver a solid performance in your E-cigarette (whether it’s a mechanical mod, basic eGo starter E-cig, etc.)

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