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LJ’s E-Smokes Christmas Cookie Review


With the holidays almost upon us, there has been a veritable onslaught of new holiday themed juices heading my way for review. So much in fact, that the chances of me completing all of the reviews for these Christmas flavors before the new year lies somewhere between slim and none.

A good deal of these juices tend to focus on the base components of gingerbread, some with a greater degree of success than others. So upon receiving this bottle from Hooligan Vapes via the good folks over at LJ’s, I had assumed it to be another juice in the same style, but it took only one good vape for me to fully realize, this is a different beast entirely. While some of the components of a standard gingerbread cookie are present, this goes above and beyond that, incorporating a wider array of flavors and creating the profile of a true Christmas spice cookie. The front of the vape is fairly light with a mild sugar cookie flavor and a warm dusting of cinnamon and ginger.

The exhale is where things get a bit more intriguing and the guys at Hooligan Vapes set themselves apart from the pack. The ginger and cinnamon gain considerable volume and the deep complex flavors of anise and coriander get tossed into the mix as well as what seems to be a hint of clove and a note of dried orange peel creating the quintessential Christmas treat.

If you’re put off by the flavor of licorice and cringe at the mention of anise, this may not be for you, but in this application, it plays exceedingly well with the other spices and doesn’t come off as the dominating player. Instead, the flavors meld together seamlessly and create a beautifully balanced, sweet and well spiced vapor.

The spice components in the Christmas Cookie e-liquid are a bit fragile and thus, best experienced right around 8 watts or at 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. While that wattage produces only a moderate throat hit, the flavors remain true with bright vibrant high notes and rich, deep, bass tones while producing voluminous clouds of sweet and spicy vapor.

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