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The inclusion of the word ‘Happy’ in the nomenclature of Clever Vape’s Hapaya is as descriptive an hybridizing of a word for marketing purposes as you’re liable to find anywhere, any time in your (hopefully) long and fruitful (pun intended) life!  I have yet to find a vape that ensnares the actual pulpy essence of fresh fruit as does this one.  The papaya flavor is just the beginning… the foundation of this fantastic juice.  A near perfect combination of exotic tastes, the classy feel of the glass dropper bottle, the artistic simplicity of the Clever Vape label, and the penetrating, soul-pleasing aroma of this creation all come together like the small, colored tiles of a mosaic, crafting a whole that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

The mixmasters over at Clever Vape should certainly, and without hesitation, pat themselves firmly on the back for their grand success in the creation of this, their opus.  I am truly honored to have been asked to sample and write up a review on their Hapaya E-liquid.  The main flavor of this juice is, of course, papaya… but it is oh, so much more than just that!  Interwoven through that papaya base is a silky smooth peach, right out of Georgia.  Then, to top it off, they have added just a sprinkle of eau de hibiscus as a flavor accent.

Both the inhale and the exhale carry all of the flavors, perfectly harmonized.  There is no one-flavor-on-the-way-in and another-flavor-on-the-way-out effect with this vape.  I want to say that I’m detecting just a hint of grapefruity citrus in the mix, but I can’t find any verification of that fact anywhere else on the Internet.  Whatever the secret ingredient is, assuming that there is a secret ingredient in the first place, Clever Vape’s website’s description of this E-juice as the “Nectar of the Gods” is certainly apropos.

The process of inhalation and the throat hit associated with the glorious Hapaya juice by Clever Vape is something that should be striven towards by all E-liquid mixmasters, everywhere.  It is so smooth, and yet so undeniably present, it by far surpasses even the most pie-in-the-sky ambitions of the world’s greatest tobacco manufacturers.  The velvety touch of the vapor as it passes down into your lungs couldn’t possibly evoke a single cough from even the most asthmatic of people.

The exhale bears a unique quality that I have yet to experience elsewhere; that the volume of the vapor is not depleted at all in the lungs, as is most smoke and vapor (what comes out is generally thinner than what goes in).  This is not the case with Hapaya vape.  Every puff is wholesome and complete.

All in all, I have to say that Hapaya E-juice by Clever Vape is something that goes above and beyond the standard operating procedure for E-juice manufacturers.  I suspect that a witch or a magician of some sort was employed in the formulation and bottling of this particular juice.  The flavor is undeniably real and enjoyable.  The vapor produced through atomization is thick and humid, bearing absolutely no quality of irritation to the throat or lungs.  Even the packaging is a step above the competition.  As I write this review, thoroughly enjoying the vaping experience afforded me by Clever Vape, I can’t imagine ever finding papaya captured so completely anywhere else, save from an actual papaya fruit, pulled directly off of the tree and eaten on the spot.