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I started smoking at 15 years old.  A friend of mine and I would finish off his father’s half-smoked cigars after everyone was fast asleep.  After a while, we decided to step up our habit and actually start buying our own cigars at our local tobacconist.  Our plan; learn everything there was to know about cigars and walk into the shop talking industry jargon in order to convince the proprietor not to ask for our ID cards.  It probably helped that we were both in our high school’s Marine Corps ROTC, and would always enter the building in uniform.  This clever method of bypassing the State of Florida’s tobacco sales laws resulted in an appreciation of the finer things in life… specifically cigars.  And Montecristo brand cigars were always among the best, and highest rated cigars available to us at that time.  ECI (E-Cig Israel) Vaping has nailed the flavor and “smoking” delight of a real Montecristo cigar.  By “real” I mean the actual Cuban Montecristo brand, not the Dominican homage to the Cuban gold standard.

The robust, hearty essence of the Cuban Montecristo cigar is present in ECI Vaping’s Montecristo E-juice in a shockingly accurate way.  The actual slight burning sensation of the cigar’s wrapper comes through with flying colors.  There is definitely an accent of honey detectable in the voluptuous clouds of this astounding vape, and possibly a touch of brandy or cognac.  The “wrapper” of this “cigar,” while not a maduro, still delivers a deeply invigorating, manly (in the manliest sense of the word) flavor that will make you want to buy a 55-gallon drum of the stuff so you’re never in danger of running out.  Occasionally, I feel as though I’m picking up on a hint of spiciness.  Those who stand within wafting distance of my vaping activity (usually a fairly large number since I do all of my blogging in a kava bar) stated on more than one occasion that they thought they smelled cedar while I was vaping this E-juice.  I haven’t been able to discover the distinct flavor of cedar in the vapor, but I have to agree that there is a slight olfactory suggestion of cedar present in this juice.

The inhalation of this vapor is where it deviates from anything akin to cigar smoking… but in a good way.  Normally, a fine cigar like the one being emulated by ECI Vaping’s Montecristo would not lend itself to the practice of smoke inhalation.  Vapor, on the other hand, especially in the lower nicotine amounts, is quite easy to inhale.  This is interesting because in vaping this product, one can experience what it would be like to inhale a cigar without it resulting in a throat burn or a distorted taste.  The subtle sweetness of the vape actually makes for a very smooth and enjoyable inhale.  The throat hit is a bit more detectable than most, but I consider that a pro, not a con.  If I’m vaping a cigar-flavored E-liquid, I want it to feel like I’m smoking an actual cigar… which is the single biggest thing I miss about my past smoking habit.

All in all, there is a complex flavor signature at work here that I’ve rarely seen in the world of E-liquids.  ECI Vaping has captured the heart and soul of a Cuban Montecristo cigar in this juice.  I’ve tried a number of renditions of Cuban cigar-inspired E-juices in my stint as an E-liquid reviewer.  I have yet to find one that embodies the Mekkah of Tobacco quite as accurately as this glorious creation.  If you are/were a cigar smoker, or even if you are the kind of person who secretly enjoys walking slowly past the tobacco shop at your local mall because of that familiar, pungent aroma of cured tobacco wafting out into the hall of commerce, you will almost certainly love this E-juice and possibly assign it the lofty position of All Day Vape.