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MNG Vape Gourmet- Pumpkin Mousse


MNG Vape is one of my favorite E-juice manufacturers… hands down!  Their head-quartered right here in Melbourne, FL, the beautiful coastal town I call home, which makes it that much more awesome and convenient for me.  When they began as a company, their juice menu consisted of mostly single flavors; raspberry, blueberry, menthol, etc.  A few slightly more complicated flavors started coming down the pike; rainbow candy, key lime pie, etc.  Now they are releasing their Gourmet line of E-liquids, in one of the classiest looking 10ml squeeze bottles I’ve seen to date, I should add.  Among their seven new flavors is this ingeniously-conceived slice of Heaven: Pumpkin Mousse.  Last year, MNG Vape briefly carried a Pumpkin Spice flavor for the Holidays, but this one flavor, according to my sources, is here to stay!

The flavor of this juice is incredibly complex, yet completely complimentary.  At the surface, there are the slightly more obvious flavors of pumpkin and a hint of cinnamon.  These flavors announce themselves to the palate immediately upon the initial toke on your E-cig.  As the vapor of MNG Vape’s Pumpkin Mousse passes down the back of your throat, down into your lungs as you inhale this incredibly smooth vape, a touch of vanilla makes itself known, along with what I’m guessing is some sort of cream or custard flavor.  Somehow, the physical characteristics of a delicate, gourmet mousse is captured perfectly in this E-liquid.  It’s light, airy, and a pure pleasure to behold from initial drag to final exhale.  There is almost a sense of furious whipping in the celestial clouds of this vapor that make one wonder if there is such a thing as artificial air flavoring.  Personally, I wholeheartedly believe that the chefs (I choose that word carefully) over at the MNG factory got a hold of that canned air from the movie Spaceballs.

Although I touched on it above, I would like to highlight the fact that a man would have to search far and wide to find a vape as smooth and soothing as Pumpkin Mousse.  The throat hit on this is both non-existent, and perfectly fluffy and soft at the same time.  While MNG Vape normally uses an 80/20 VG/PG blend ratio, I think they used a little more vegetable glycerine and an added shot of flavoring with this particular creation.  Vaping this E-juice is like smoking an ultralight cigarette after numbing your throat with lidocaine.  I’m sure that in the higher nicotine strengths, there is a little more kick to the throat, but in the 6mg version of the juice, there is no real throat hit to speak of.

MNG Vape’s new Gourmet line is looking to sit in the highest throne of the Kingdom of E-juice if this Pumpkin Mousse E-liquid is a good example of the kinds of products we will be seeing from them from here on out.  I’m looking forward to trying some of their other flavors, as they are released to the public.  As of now, their Gourmet juices include this flavor, Cinnamon Bun, Hot Nutz, Sugar Creamed Coffee, Raspberry Iced Tea, Virginia Cherry, and Tropic Chiller.  My sources (i.e. one of my friends who works over at the MNG laboratories) tells me that there will be a series of new tobacco flavors coming out as well, including a clove flavor modelled after the Gudang Garum kretek cigarettes I grew up… you know, since I was of legal smoking age.