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MNG Vape Gourmet- Raspberry Iced Tea


Being a Southerner (since the great transplant of my family from Chicago back in 1990), I have learned to love any and all versions and varieties of sweet iced tea.  Topping this list is my lifeblood, raspberry iced tea, whether it’s of the Arizona brand, Nestea, or home-made.  MNG Vape’s new line of Gourmet E-liquids has now harnessed the awesomeness of this, my favorite beverage, into their Raspberry Iced Tea E-juice.  I’ve seen many a “cola” and “root beer” juice out there on the market, but this is the first time I’ve seen this particular flavor available anywhere!  And it couldn’t be more welcome in my life.  About the only difference between this vape and a real glass of raspberry tea is that I haven’t been able to vape enough of it to actually quench my thirst on a blistering hot, 9,564 degree Florida August afternoon.  Other than that, the flavor is spot on!

Your first breath of this juice will immediately bring the unmistakable sensation of raspberry to your palate.  There is a juiciness that goes beyond Raspberry, though.  That could possibly be the sweetness of the glycerine and glycol, or maybe even a secret touch of some unnamed fruit flavor.  Then there’s a tiny, little suggestion of very light carbonation.  Normally, in real life, raspberry iced tea is not carbonated, but as far as raspberry iced tea E-juice goes, that delicate touch of essence-of-carbonation goes a long way towards delivering this flavor as that of a beverage, not just another typical fruit flavor.  When you vape Raspberry Iced Tea by MNG Vape Gourmet, you’ll know immediately that they are not just harnessing the power of suggestion here… they’ve actually gone to great lengths to differentiate this beverage-based flavor from that of a standard raspberry/fruit flavor mix.

As always, the throat hit and inhalation experience of any MNG Vape product is present in its entirety in their Raspberry Iced Tea.  The light, sweet flavor of the vapor translates very nicely into a gentle, yet perfectly noticeable inhale. The raspberry essence and the slightly sweetened beverage nature of the vapor clouds produced by the atomization of this liquid are truly enjoyable in every sense of the word.  And I can’t stress enough just how much the vaping of this E-juice resembles all of the associated sensations of taking a nice, long gulp of an Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea.  I imagine that the liquid breathing apparatus used by the Navy Seals for deep-sea diving as seen in the film The Abyss would somehow feel similar to the vaping of MNG Vape’s Raspberry Iced Tea… you know, minus that initial drowning, panicky sensation.

My local heroes, MNG Vape, have been producing solidly wonderful products since they first came on the scene a couple years ago.  Now they have decided to stray from the static, single-flavor offerings into the realm of gourmet, chef-created flavor cocktails.  And they have not rushed this process.  Instead, it is obvious in the fruits of their labors that they have taken the time to implement an appropriate period of trial and error in this new cocktail-inception process they have undertaken.  I’m looking forward to the more-than-a-dozen future Gourmet flavors they will soon be adding to this Raspberry Iced Tea marvel they have given the world.