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Every vaper friend of mine is constantly on the lookout for the perfect coffee-based vaping experience.  There are so many varieties, and so many vastly different flavors, that it can be hard to sift through the veritable plethora of choices looking for that one, perfect vape.  Well, thanks to Vapor Lock, that journey, fraught with danger from orcs, goblins, giant spiders, etc. is now over.  Vooppuccino by Vapor Lock is the end of that journey, and it is a particularly sweet end.  I generally don’t include more than one graphic/image per review when writing up these articles, but I just want to point out one VERY important aspect of this spectacular E-liquid.  Here goes:


Yes.  You read that correctly.  This marvelous creation does in fact list caffeine as one of its ingredients.  It just so happened that this particular vape-mail package arrived on a day when I had tragically received very little sleep the night prior.  So, when I read this ingredient, I immediately dumped out my clearomizer on the floor and filled it to the brim with this juice.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I solved a Rubik’s Cube while changing a diaper and writing this review… all at the same time!

However, caffeine without a decent-flavored vehicle to carry it would pretty much taste like, well eating migraine medication via the mastication-method (please read that word correctly, last time I used it I was accused of stuff).  Thankfully, the actual cappuccino-esque flavor present in Vapor Lock’s Vooppuccino is intense to say the least.  The coffee flavor is a perfect espresso roast.  Add to that a thin touch of milk and about one sugar cube worth of sweetness.  The flavor goes down like an expertly-prepared, ma-and-pop coffee shop cappuccino (not that Starbucks crud).  I have spent almost my entire life at coffee shops.  I’ve tasted every type of coffee-based beverage known to man.  I know the difference between a marocchino, and espressino, and a cappuccino.  I know what a real caramel macchiato is.  So, please trust me when I tell you that this E-liquid is unbelievably accurate to the taste one would expect to find in a professionally-crafted cappuccino at an old-world Italian coffee shop.

Vapor Lock uses a liberal amount of vegetable glycerine (VG) in the creation of their E-juices, to the tune of 70% VG and 30% PG (propylene glycol).  This results in a thicker, meatier E-juice that produces not only a larger cloud of vapor, but a throat hit-experience smoother than a Nair model’s legs.  When first inhaling the vapor of their Vooppuccino juice, you will feel as though each, individual skin tissue cell in your throat just took a long, satisfying sip of a perfectly warm cup of joe.  OK, maybe I’m relying a bit too heavily on dramatic presentation here, but I can promise you that one would have to look far and wide to find another E-liquid with a throat hit quite as pleasurable as this one.

This is my first review of Vapor Lock’s products, and I must say that it has been a while since I’ve received vape mail as precious as the package sent to me by this terrific company.  Vooppuccino, ridiculous name aside, is now my official morning vape… and not only because it contains actual caffeine!  I have a deep, connoisseur’s appreciation of coffees and teas, so I’ve always been a harsh critic of the various coffee-based vapes available in this industry.  This one, though, blasts through all of my doubts and trepidations like one of those high-speed Japanese trains ripping through a wrought iron gate.  I highly, highly (highly, highly, highly) recommend this E-juice if you’re looking for an vape with a flavor kick that won’t leave your throat feeling dry and raw.  And remember… Vooppuccino has CAFFEINE!!