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MNG Vape- Rainbow Candy


MNG Vape has done it again!  This time they’ve taken a candy we’ve all come to love, and enjoy, and associate immediately with rainbows thanks to a certain company’s advertising campaign.  Somehow, harnessing the power of Thor’s hammer or possibly some black magic from deep in the Louisiana Bayou, MNG has managed to preserve all of the individual fruit flavors of a handful of delicious chewy candies in one puff of their Rainbow Candy vapor.  Now that I’ve tasted these, I’m wondering if these master E-juicers could possibly figure out a way to pack an entire banquet, dessert and all, into a bottle of expertly crafted E-liquid.  The gauntlet has been thrown, and hopefully they will accept this challenge.

The vaping of this MNG Vape product is truly a spectacle to behold.  I’ve been vaping it for days, and I have detected all of the following flavors, and possibly more: lemon-lime, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, banana, strawberry, and watermelon.  There may also have been a bit of mango or guava in there as well, but I can’t swear to it.  The best thing about this vape is that all of those flavors exist in the atomized vapor independently of each other.  Instead of tasting like a homogenized melting pot of fruit, the flavors are somehow shielded against blending.  Also, there are times while vaping Rainbow Candy when one flavor comes across stronger than any of the others.  This is true to form when considering that any given handful of candy will statistically have more of one color (read flavor) than any other.

MNG Vape’s signature smoothness is especially pronounced in their Rainbow Candy E-juice.  The throat hit is superb, as is expected when vaping MNG.  There is a sugary sweet, velvety touch to the inhale of this particular inhalation experience.  Even the deepest of lung hits off of a sub-ohm RDA build flows smoothly down the throat, into the lungs, and packs a flavor punch the whole way down and up.  This is a juice for serious flavor chasers, to be sure, but the silky clouds of easily-inhalable vapor is at worst an added bonus, and at best an amplification of the variety of flavors present in the vape itself.

As always, I am more than pleased with my experience with yet another MNG Vape home run.  I am actually surprised that this flavor isn’t a part of their new Gourmet line of E-liquids, what with the complex combination of flavors present in the juice.  But that just means the cost will be lower for this wondrous crowned-prince of fruit flavors!