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Hash Juice- Candys Land


I’ve tasted more than a few sugar-based E-juice flavors in my tenure as an E-liquid reviewer, and the majority of them all have one thing in common… they all have that heavy, sugar-granule presence, making the vapor taste imbued with actual sugar crystals.  Hash Juice’s Candys Land E-juice is a breath of fresh air in the world of candy-flavored E-juice.  The company’s website lauds Hash Juice as the world’s best E-juice, and after tasting this first of several samples of theirs, I’m inclined to believe that they may have earned those lofty bragging rights, especially if the quality of the rest of their products match this one, their sweet-tooth-satiating Candys Land juice.

As stated in my introduction to this review, Hash Juice’s Candys Land E-juice is another in a long line of E-liquids built on a sugary/candy-like foundation in order to give the palatal experience of hoovering a jack-o-lantern full of Halloween’s spoils of trick-or-treating.  The quality which makes this particular E-juice stand apart is the incredible lightness of the flavor.  It’s important to note just how delightfully “light” this flavor is.  This is the atomic number Two(2) of E-juices… that’s helium, by the way.  There’s just something unbelievably airy and clean about this vape.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I suspect that the flavor wizards over at Hash Juice’s manufacturing base-of-operations have somehow figured out how to cram an Angel into these bottles.  I’m not condoning the use of supernatural beings in the creation of nicotine liquid, but I am saying that, like foie gras, the resulting culinary experience forgives any and all detestable means of concocting said experience.  Whichever way these geniuses have mastered the art of E-juice mixing, they have produced in this mixture a wonderfully sweet, sugary, and (dare I say it again) fantastically light-flavored masterpiece.

As far as throat hit goes, concerning Hash Juice’s Candys Land E-liquid, the lightness of the flavor is on par with the lightness of the inhale.  I can’t really tell what ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine was used in the formulation of this juice, but whatever the ratio, is is the magic ratio toward which all other juices should strive… especially if they are intended to be of a lighter fare than the heavier, harsher varieties.  Obviously, there are all different sorts in this vaping world of ours, and I know quite a few people who refuse to vape anything but the most throat-abrasive vapes on the market.  They might not appreciate this juice.  However, most of us, especially after we’ve been vaping a while and have managed to wean ourselves down on nicotine dosages, will love the airy, sweet, light, almost mousse-like feel of this high-quality vape.

Hash Juice is definitely on to something game-changing with this soft-touch of elegance used to create one of the lightest, most thoroughly pleasant vapes I’ve had in a long time.  I fully recommend this vape, especially for those who appreciate a less-intense, gentler vaping experience.  I actually filled a clearomizer with this juice for a friend of mine who is still struggling to give up the analogs.  She has always complained about the way E-cigarettes make her throat feel, but when she vaped this juice for a mere 20 minutes, she said that this might finally be the E-juice that could improve her attempts to quit smoking for good.  Hash Juice’s Candys Land is the ultralight of E-cigarettes, and I simply can’t get enough of it.  I’m glad their samples came in 15ml bottles instead of something smaller because now I can continue to use it as an All Day Vape for at least a few days until I run out.