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Bama Vapor- “Just a Cig”


I’ve recently been getting into the many, many different varieties of tobacco-based E-juice flavors available out there on the market.  There are SO many to choose from.  So, when I saw Bama Vapor’s “Just of Cig” flavored E-liquid, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was about to really enjoy this vaping experience.  And I was right.  The name of this juice may be “Just a Cig,” but the actual vaping of this juice would be more accurately described as “Just Friggin’ Amazing!”  Perhaps it’s the deadly precision at which Bama Vapor hits the mark in an attempt to make an E-cigarette taste just like an actual, analog, tobacco cigarette.  I was shocked at how much I felt as if I just tapped a single cowboy-killer out of a red box, lit that sucker up, and started just puffing away like Bogie in the “waiting for a lady” scene in Casablanca.

The flavor is pretty much, approximately, dead-on, exactly like… smoking a real cigarette.  And not just a real cigarette, but a really good real cigarette.  Whatever specific molecular combination that was used to produce this effect was certainly not extracted from any crappy, generic, discount cigarette brand (and by that I mean R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris, and Lorrilard products).  We’re talking Dunhill, Nat Sherman, English/Virginia tobacco here.  You know, the classy stuff that you could never afford while you were still smoking.  Now you can pick up a cheap bottle of E-juice from Bama Vapor, with the simple, unassuming words “Just a Cig” written on the label, and experience that high-society, aristocratic cigarette smoking experience you always wanted, and you don’t even need to worry about that nasty cancer business while doing it.

The throat hit and inhale of “Just a Cig” vape by Bama Vapor is a bit on the heavy side, but I can’t imagine the magic of this E-liquid working properly if the throat hit was any lighter.  In fact, there is no difference at all between the sensation of inhaling this vapor and the sensation of inhaling actual tobacco smoke from a full-flavored cigarette.  A light, gentle throat hit would take that element of masculinity away from this cowboy-killer clone and the remaining product would be just another random, mediocre tobacco flavor.  If you are looking for a smooth, silky, lung-full of vaporized E-juice, this might not be the best choice, but if you miss smoking (like I do, unfortunately… it’s been over a year and I still miss it) then you’ve come to the right people!

Bama Vapor has been generous enough to send me quite a few samples of their E-liquid offerings, so there are more reviews coming where this one came from.  “Just a Cig” was the first of their flavors I taste tested, and I can’t find any reason not to assume that the rest of their flavors will be just as impressive as this one.  I’ve been carrying this juice around in a ProTank, and I’ve been using it when I start hanging around all of my smoking friends, so the temptation to light up an analog goes away.  And it works!  This vape is enjoyable, tasty (if you love the taste of tobacco), and satisfying down to the vary last drop.


  1. I could never taste my cigarettes and I smoked for the high/buzz of it. Pipe tobaccos smell really good to me but when I try to smoke them, they taste pretty bland also. It’s ironic, but the taste of tobacco e-liquids appeal to me now. Those DO taste good.