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Highbrow Vapor- Caramel Cake


Use “EJC” for 10% Off!There’s just something a bit more classy and elegant about opening a package of Highbrow Vapor products.  The bottles and the liquid contained therein seem a bit more crystal-clear than most.  The label harkens back to Victorian England with a picture of a proper English Gentleman dressed to the proverbial nines.  And the overall whiteness of the label and cap convey a feeling of purity and cleanliness that matches the experience you are about to unlock.  The juice itself, personified in this particular case by Highbrow’s illustrious Caramel Cake E-liquid, delivers a sensation of high-society living in the proverbial lap of luxury.  Combined together, both the flavor and heavy, yet non-abrasive throat hit of this juice create a perfect example of vaping excellence that should most definitely be experienced by every serious vaper.

As already stated above, the flavor of Highbrow Vapor’s Caramel Cake E-juice is simply exquisite and must be tasted before death.  Put this vape on your bucket list immediately!  The caramel is, of course, the very first thing you’ll notice upon taking your first puff of this amazing vapor.  The “cake” part, however, is more sublime, and takes a few moments to really pick up.  A brief French inhale together with a moment of breath-holding and a slow exhale will bring out a sort of sponge/shortcake type of flavor.  As you vape, you’ll begin to wonder how you missed that taste in the first couple tokes.  I logically assume that there is some sort of black magic at play here.  I’m not sure it can be explained in any other way.  If you were to travel to Buckingham Palace tomorrow, in order to have a formal dining experience with the Queen herself, chances are more-than-fair that you would find caramel cake on the dessert menu, and upon ordering it, chances are even higher of it tasting exactly like this vape.  To continue this fantasy, you could then allow the Queen to try a few puffs of your E-cigarette (filled with this E-juice, of course).  When she begins to rave about it, tell her that she can have the rest if she formally endorses E-cigarettes in front of the nation.  But I digress…

This being a 70PG/30VG blend (that’s a propylene glycol to vegetable glycerine ratio, by the way), the throat hit is a little stronger than that found in juices with higher VG contents.  But there is something about the flavor that applies a softening treatment to the vapor itself.  Inhaling the vapor of Highbrow’s Caramel Cake E-liquid carries with it the flavor intensity of a high-PG content juice, and also the smooth inhalation effect of a 40PG/60VG vape.  As with all E-juices, those with a higher PG content might not be very well suited for high voltage/wattage, sub-ohm drip vaping, but if you love a throat kick with an attitude (like I do at times), then maybe so.  I personally recommend using this juice in a dual coil clearomizer (such as the iClear series), with a VV/VW mod (such as a Vamo).  Play around with the settings until you’re happy.  I stress this because with this juice more than others, the perfect settings equal maximum enjoyment and palatal pleasure.

Highbrow Vapor is now officially on my radar.  I have had this juice in my queue for quite some time now, and I am just now getting around to reviewing it.  I wish that I had popped it open a month or so ago and started vaping on it then.  I have a 30ml bottle of Caramel Cake by Highbrow Vapor in my pocket as I write this, and I plan on squeezing every last drop out of it here in the next few days.  I love this stuff, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious, flavor-filled vape which goes above and beyond anything they’ve had previously.  Caramel Cake is delicious, kind to the throat and lungs, and an overall masterpiece in the realm of E-juice art.

Use Coupon Code "EJC for 10% off of your order.
Use Coupon Code “EJC for 10% off of your order.