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King James E-Juice- Organic Daydream


Organic Daydream by King James E-Juice is a bit of an anomaly.  Their website describes this product as a combination of five different flavors.  Whatever those flavors are, they are the five flavors found on Earth that go together better than do any other flavors, in any combination, anywhere else in the Universe.  Describing the flavor, however… therein lies a challenge.  There is definitely a sort of citrus essence in this vapor, but this unique, mysterious combination is something that I have not yet tasted as a professional (if I may be so bold) E-juice taste-tester/reviewer.  It’s creamy, it’s fruity, and it’s very realistic as a substitute for analog, tobacco cigarette smoke.  The fact that all ingredients used in King James’ E-juices are certified organic may have something to do with the uniqueness of the flavor bouquet in this vaping spectacle.

I’m fairly certain that one of the two main flavors present in King James E-Juice’s Organic Daydream is an orange cream.  it seems to be the foundation of the overall flavor.  Next, I’m going to guess that the second major flavor present here is a melon, possibly a honeydew.  The rest of the flavors are difficult to guess, and it’s entirely possible that I’m even getting those other two flavors wrong as well.  I want to say that there is a touch of maybe a raspberry and/or blueberry.  Maybe a hint of a mint, like peppermint.  Maybe even (and I might be experiencing total palate burnout here) an actual pepper/spice-type flavor, like clove.  Whatever this utterly complex, insanely difficult-to-guess flavor is, the Organic Daydream is a truly enjoyable vape, unmatched in quality and purely unique in every way.

Concerning the throat hit of this E-liquid’s vapor, it would be accurate to promote Organic Daydream as a suitable replacement for full-flavored cigarettes.  If you are looking for an all-VG (vegetable glycerine) vape, with a barely-there inhale, then you might not fully appreciate this E-liquid.  If, however, you prefer the thicker, more full-bodied vapes, heavier in PG (propylene glycol) content, then this is the vape for you!  The heavier the PG-content, the heavier the throat hit, but with that throat hit comes a more intense, concentrated flavor.  If you want to lessen that effect when vaping a PG-heavy E-liquid, use a clearomizer with a resistance over 1.5-2.0 Ohms.  If you want to increase the strength of the throat hit, you might want to drip this one onto a sub-Ohm (under 1.0 Ohms), self-built atomizer coil on a mechanical mod of some sort.  Either way, you’re sure to experience some fascinating and ultimately enjoyable vaping activity.

King James E-Juice is a company unlike any of the others I’ve come across.  You can tell by the flavor and the vapor consistency that you are vaping a truly organic blend of glycol, glycerine, and natural flavorings.  This, of course, is rare in the E-cigarette community, and I highly suggest taking advantage of it.  Organic Daydream is a perfect example of this, as it provides a perplexing yet wholly satisfying experience to the vaper.  The steeping process, which I honestly haven’t had much luck with of late, is very effective with this liquid.  There must be something about those natural, organic ingredients that responds very well to steeping and self-restrained patience.  Try this juice and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself thoroughly.