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I was remarking to a friend a few weeks back that I expect to see a new type of E-liquid branching off from the pack in the near future.  The impetus behind this move would be the growing community of “drippers” out there, who have come to expect a little more out of their “premium” E-juices.  Fast forward a few weeks to where I sit, at this very moment, vaping on Trumpets E-liquid by 7 Signs Premium Drip, finding as if in answer to a prayer, that someone has been thinking the same ingenious thoughts I have.  This flavor, as well as all flavors by 7 Signs, has been designed specifically for use in RBAs and RDAs (Rebuildable Atomizers and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers).  That doesn’t mean that it won’t work in traditional clearomizers.  On the contrary, this flavor is quite exquisite in my iClear 30.  However, the VG/PG ratio, flavor concentration, and the nicotine content have been tailored more with the hobbyist vapor in mind rather than standard, refill-and-forget E-cig users.

The flavor of this glorious (if I may be so bold as to use a word like “glorious” to describe this awesome experience) is a perfect, well-thought out combination of all of our favorite types of savory/dessert vaping tastes.  Cinnamon, butterscotch, and caramel flavors all stand out immediately upon taking your first deep lung hit of 7 Signs Premium Drip’s Trumpet E-juice.  Those deep, rich flavors swirl around your taste buds delivering about a hundred types of enjoyment as you inhale this fine vapor.  When you finally exhale, the taste of batter, like the kind found in fresh-baked cinnamon buns, and even an ever-so-slight hint of warm apple is left on your palate long after the last remnant of vapor leaves your mouth in the form of a huge, thick cloud.  The combination of all these flavors together might seem like overkill for your sweet-tooth, but I can assure you that this is not just a 1:1 mixture of flavors.  The 7 Signs mixmasters must have toyed around with dozens of flavor combinations and intensities before they arrived at this masterpiece.

The actual inhalation of this juice’s vapor is meant to be a little heavy… but it manages to do so without any sense of throat irritation at all.  Remember, this is an E-liquid designed to be dripped directly onto atomizer coils and wicks, without the use of a tank/reservoir.  This means that the vapor production is more intense and more voluminous than that of any of your more basic clearomizer styles.  7 Signs Premium Drip knows exactly what the average “dripper” is looking for in his/her E-juice, and they have gone to great lengths in order to produce a drip-friendly, made-for-vapers-by-vapers kind of E-liquid.  Trumpets E-juice is a perfect example of how they have translated some of the most popular dessert flavors into the perfect drip-vaping experience with a throat hit to be strived towards by other companies looking to do the same thing.

I can’t even put into words just how excited I am to try out the rest of 7 Signs’ juices.  All of their bottles are sealed with red wax, complete with a signet stamp at the top.  Trumpets is probably going to help me lose some weight, in that I no longer need to eat dessert… I can just inhale it.  I hope that other E-juice manufacturers follow suit and begin to release lines of juices designed to be used on rebuildable atomizer coils.  But if they do, they are going to find formidable competition in the form of 7 Signs Premium Drip.


  1. Drip-specific lines have been available for some time now but only very recently have they gained any substantial popularity. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the very first and certainly one of the best: Vape Game’s Drip Line! As a fellow connoisseur, I highly recommend looking them up & ordering a bottle! 4 or maybe 5 flavors make up the line… The best include ‘Sassperilla, Killa Vanilla, & Cancun.’