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Clancy’s Royal Vapors- King’s Elixer


I was once in a competitive exhibition drill team in high school.  Actually, I was cadet commander of the exhibition drill squad and platoon at Palm Bay High School’s Marine Corps Junior R.O.T.C.  During my senior year, at the national drill competition at Daytona Beach, FL, we all got a chance to watch the King’s Guard platoon put on their very precise and awe-inspiring routine in front of everyone.  It was truly an amazing thing to behold, and it marked the first time I became aware of the fascinating history of the Hawaiian Monarchy.  Obviously, there has been no reigning monarch in Hawaii since the island nation was annexed as the 50th of our United States, but the island’s cultural heritage still keeps alive that love of the royals.  Clancy’s Royal Vapors’ line of E-liquids all have a decidedly Hawaiian feel to them, and their King’s Elixer is an homage to the throne itself, capturing everything flavor-oriented (with the exception of Spam, of course… what is it with those Hawaiians and their use of Spam in their cuisine?  But I digress…) that comes to mind when the world thinks of Hawaii.

The first thing I noticed when tasting this ode to the Hawaiian monarchy was a strong, smooth pineapple flavor, which penetrates the entire process of both the inhalation and exhalation of this delicious vape.  King’s Elixer adds to the pineapple foundation a wonderfully enticing papaya highlight, and possibly hints of mango and/or starfruit.  To top off the entire package, and to really thrust this E-juice into the national spotlight, Clancy’s Royal Vapors has added a nice, creamy undertone which almost makes the vaping of this E-liquid similar to drinking a Hawaiian-themed Orange Julius beverage.  So, with all of these flavors combined, your tongue and taste buds will be swimming in the clear, blue waters of Hawaii’s world-renowned beaches while enjoying this masterpiece of E-liquid passion!

The inhale is exactly as one would expect from an E-juice of only the highest caliber.  All of the fruit flavors involved in the creation of King’s Elixer are known for their silky flavor.  Pineapples, papayas, mangos, and starfruits (and obviously the creamy undertone/flavor) are low on that typical, acidic tanginess present in many other tropical fruits.  The throat hit of this Clancy’s Royal Vapors’ juice follows suit with that smoothness and provides a light, airy lung hit, without any of the irritation and scratchiness found in lesser vapes.  If you are looking for a great dessert vape, or an all day, low throat hit experience, this is the juice for you!  If, however, you are newly converted to vaping from smoking traditional analogs, you might not be prepared to surrender your need for harsh throatiness in your vapor just yet.  This is the kind of E-juice that makes vaping it’s own animal, and not just a reflection of smoking.

Clancy’s Royal Vapors should be very proud of King’s Elixer.  Even the use of the word “elixir” in the title suggests that what you are about to experience is something soothing, gentle, and health-affirming.  Vaping this E-juice is definitely all three of those things; soothing, gentle, and health-affirming… with the addition of the phrase “extremely tasty and enjoyable.”  I am very much looking forward to getting off of work later today, so I can go taste another of these Hawaiian-inspired masterpieces of vaping perfection.