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Virginia tobacco, also known as bright leaf tobacco, is a naturally lighter and milder strain of the tobacco plant that has become synonymous with high quality, smooth-tasting cigarettes.  Many of the more luxurious brands of cigarettes, such as Dunhill, Craven A, Nat Sherman, etc. are comprised, either in whole or part, of Virginia tobacco.  Usually, in order to experience the delicious flavor of this type of tobacco leaf, one would need to shell out more than the average price-per-pack to their local tobacconist.  Thanks to the dawn of the new E-cigarette industry, we can now enjoy this rarity in our personal vaporizers without that oh-too-familiar shooting pain in our wallet-parts.  Vapourlites of the U.K. has found the perfect molecular combination for matching this most-desired of tobacco flavors for their Virginia Tobacco E-liquid, so now we can all enjoy the sensation and palatal experience of smoking an expensive, classy cigarette in lieu of that cheapo, harsh R.J. Reynolds/Philip Morris flavor.

Before I switched to vaping I considered myself to be quite the tobacco connoisseur, whether in the form of cigarette, cigar, or pipe tobacco.  I even occasionally used snuff (the snorting variety, not the lip-stuffing sort).  So, I became well aware at a young age of the many subtle differences between all of the different types of tobacco.  In my prime I could probably blind taste test the difference between fire cured, flue-cured, North Carolinian, Virginian, Turkish, British Virginian, Indian, and Indonesian tobaccos.  Virginia tobacco (especially the type grown on the British Isles) was always my favorite.  Historically-speaking, Virginia tobacco was discovered by accident and was actually found to grow in soil that would otherwise be considered infertile.  It’s leaves are brighter/lighted when cured and this contributes to that smoother taste.  Virginia Tobacco E-juice by Vapourlites captures the very soul of this elusive flavor in the form of vaporized glycerine and glycol.

I found that the throat hit produced via the vaping of Vapourlite’s Virginia Tobacco E-liquid is an exact match for the inhalation experience expected from the smoking of a well made, luxury-brand cigarette.  The mildness of this particular type of tobacco lends itself to a smoother draw and lung hit, but it is still a tobacco flavor and therefore ever-so-slightly harder on the throat than many of the non-tobacco E-juice flavors.  This is okay, because those of you looking for absolutely zero throat hit are more than likely not going anywhere near tobacco flavors anyway.  The best part about this Vapourlites juice is that it achieves that happy middle ground between mimicking an analog cig and highlighting the flavorful nature of Virginia tobacco.  So, regardless of whether or not you’re newly separated from your smoking habit, or a tried and true vape veteran, you will love this vape from start to finish!

I do love getting the opportunity to taste E-juice products hailing from outside of the U.S.  And I am happy to see that the practice of vaping and the availability of E-cigarettes and E-liquids are sweeping the whole world now, from London to the Philippines, from New York to Sydney, from… well, you get the picture.  Vapourlites E-liquid company is based out of the U.K., and if their Virginia Tobacco flavor is a good indicator as to the quality and flavor accuracy of their products, they are very likely to give many of our own, U.S.-based companies a run for their money, even right here in the States!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go try out some of the other Vapourlites samples I have waiting for me in my kitchen.  Happy vaping!