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Tasty Vapor- Frosted Oatmeal Cookie



I rarely utilize the extensive lexicon of texting acronyms, but for this I make just one exception… O.M.G.!!  My initial response to vaping Tasty Vapor’s Frosted Oatmeal Cookie was to immediately get in the car (at 3:30 in the morning, I might add) and drive over to the nearest 24-hour Wal-Mart to buy a bag of those nostalgic, delectable little cookies.  I opened the bag in the car and ate one as I vaped, and I couldn’t tell the difference save for the presence/lack of crunchiness.  Everything is perfect right down to the tiniest detail in this E-liquid, so much so that I am having trouble trying to come up with another E-juice, anywhere, that has hit as close to their intended mark as did this one.  Kudos to Tasty Vapor for putting this masterpiece together!

The flavors present in Frosted Oatmeal Cookie E-juice are plentiful and complex, coming together in such a way as to trick your senses into thinking that you have actually just put a cookie in your mouth.  There is a hint of spice (cinnamon, possibly nutmeg, clove, etc.) underlying a pervasive, doughy, pastry-like taste that makes me wonder whether or not these are artificial flavors at play, or if Tasty Vapor actually succeeded in vaporizing cookie dough with a rail gun and collecting the resulting microscopic droplets in a bag.  As you vape, the presence of the icing/frosting begins to come through as a sugary, vanilla-y flavor overlaying all of the other wonderous taste-bud stimulators.  In my experience as a vape taste-tester, I have learned along the way that there are some flavors, many flavors in fact, that become apparent only once you are told what the flavor is supposed to be.  Once clued into the target taste, we often associate some element of that taste with whatever it is we are supposed to be tasting, and we lock that association in for future reference.  This juice is not like that at all.  I allowed a few of my friends to try this vape before telling them what it was supposed to taste like, and they all immediately guessed… ready for it?… “Oatmeal Cookie!”

As far as the mechanics of vaping Tasty Vapor’s Frosted Oatmeal Cookie go, this is one incredibly smooth vaping experience.  The throat hit on the inhale would be practically non-existent if it weren’t for the thick, dessert-like flavor.  The exhale carries with it a voluminous, more-than-respectable vapor production that is sure to fill your room (however large that room may be) with a dense fog within a few minutes.  I vaped this juice on several different set-ups, including my Pro-Tank III, running at 1.5 Ohms, and on a few mechanical mods operating between 0.2 Ohms and 1.3 Ohms.  A friend of mine even tried it in a Pro-Tank Mini II at 2.4 Ohms (or thereabouts) with the same intense flavor and almost the same volume of vapor clouds.

Obviously, there isn’t a single bad thing I can say about Frosted Oatmeal Cookie by Tasty Vapor.  This E-liquid has wowed me on several different levels.  I’ve also tried a few others of their offerings, which I shall review in due time, and they do not disappoint.  I think it’s safe to say that this is a very well-rounded company and I look forward to seeing how they fare over the next few years.  I expect they will do very well.