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This E-liquid is to the E-cigarette Industry what the Mercedes Maybach is to the Automobile Industry.  It simply doesn’t get any better than this… Seriously!  Most of my reviews come from samples that are sent to me specifically for purposes of reviewing.  I came across this one through a friend of mine who received this Longhorn Vapor Company E-juice product at the recent Miami vape meet.  Obviously, I tried it, as I do with just about every E-juice offered to me by anybody… and I was immediately transported directly the the second top-most stair of that Blessed staircase of the 9th circle of Heaven leading up to the throne of the Almighty Himself.  This is a masculine vape, filled with the very best of pure-driven, testosterone-fuelled manly manliness.  If that black-and-white, boxing,, manly-man Internet meme were to take up vaping, Longhorn’s Lone-Star E-liquid would be the juice he would use in his E-cigarette.

The flavor of Lone-Star E-juice is one that I haven’t seen available anywhere else.  Take a shot of strong Kentucky bourbon, toss in a shot of amaretto, and then a dash of real (not imitation) vanilla extract (you know, the kind that’s actually 40 proof alcohol)… and you’ll have this superb Longhorn Vapor Company juice.  I suppose you would also need to add some VG and PG for it to actually vaporize in an atomizer… but that’s beside the point.  What a truly amazing combination of flavors this is!  And they certainly weren’t conservative with their flavorings.  All of the included flavors are pervasively present during every moment of inhalation, exhalation, French-inhalation, etc. stages of vaping.  The bourbon and amaretto blend together perfectly, but not so much so that you can’t identify each flavor.  The vanilla is simply there to tie the two main flavors together in a rich, sweet way.

The Longhorn Vapor Company has also accomplished another miracle; despite such a heavy, flavorful vapor the throat hit somehow manages to be as smooth as silk.  No throat irritation whatsoever occurred at all during the vaping of Lone-Star E-juice.  Of course, I was vaping a 4mg nicotine version of the juice, so a higher nicotine content might produce a little bit more of a kick to the back of the throat… but if you’re still on the higher nic contents, you’ve probably just recently stopped smoking, so you won’t notice the extra harshness.  This juice worked very well in a Pro-Tank III, an iClear 30b, as well as a Trident quad-coil setup on a mechanical mod running at a cloud-chasing .1 Ohm.  However, I should add that from experience, I’ve found that the “sweet spot” for maximizing both flavor and vapor production is somewhere around the 1.2 Ohm resistance mark.  I know there are plenty of cloud-size zealots out there who would disagree with that, but I have found that anything in the sub-Ohm range tends to drown out some of the flavor through excess heat.

All in all, Longhorn Vapor Co. hasn’t just hit a home run with their Lone-Star liquid… they’ve knocked it clear out of the park for a Grand Slam homer in the bottom of the ninth in game six of the series.  Essentially, they have won the championship.  I plan on purchasing about 600 kilo-gallons of this stuff as soon as I can afford it and then promptly retiring to an Island in the South Pacific, where I will fill my swimming pool with Lone-Star!  My work here is done.  I have found the golden fleece.  I’ll continue reviewing liquids for now, but I fear that some of the fun will now be drained out of the job, thanks to this absolutely marvelous E-juice.  Seriously, I suggest that you skip the electricity bill this month, or your car payment, mortgage, child support, etc. and buy as much of this stuff as Longhorn is capable of producing!


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  2. I’ve tried lone star because of your appraisal yet my taste buds aren’t as happy as yours seem to be with this certain flavor. I have some samples I’d like to send you and perhaps your sense of taste will also be tweaked into realizing that golden fleece you have found is indeed not a golden fleece but an old, used and abused hoodie.