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LJ’s E-Smokes Sweet Tart Review


Sometimes writing these reviews can be daunting. I’ll taste a juice and know immediately that it’s going to take a very long time, time tasting, time writing, and time editing before I’m going to be ready to post my thoughts here for you to read through.

With incredibly complex blends, that process can take days and sometimes weeks of vaping, tasting, and evaluating in order to break down the convoluted compounds of flavor concentrates, that are carefully layered one on top of another, until I am able to decipher the primary base flavoring components of an e-liquid.

While those reviews are almost always time intensive, and more often than not quite challenging, I enjoy them; I enjoy the challenge. That being said, when it comes to quality e-liquids, there’s another side of the spectrum, a side where juice is easily decipherable, flavors that are simple and immediately recognizable, making it possible for reviews to be written after spending just a single day vaping it.

This side of the spectrum is where simplicity rules and this is where the Sweet Tart e-liquid from LJ’s e-Smokes resides. While this is the second review I’ve written for a juice called “Sweet Tart”, both e-liquids have shared a single trait, an uncanny reproduction of the flavor found only in the long rolls of candy found in almost every candy shop, drug store, and movie theater across the country.

The flavors are simple, straightforward, and downright tasty with just the right ratio of sweet to sour. While sometimes I struggle to find just the right words to describe the qualities of a flavor, in this case, there is no need. If you like SweeTarts candy, you’re going to like this juice, the flavor profile is practically identical (although I wouldn’t argue with a little more flavoring in the mix). As one might expect from a fruity, candy based vape, the throat hit is a bit light at the sweet spot of 8w (4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer), but all the flavors remain bright and true while delivering abundant clouds of vapor.

I also ran this juice in a mech/RBA rig (Nemesis, Nimbus with dual 1/16” air intakes, dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .5Ω on XC-116) yielding enormous, intensely bright, sweet and tart notes (THERE’S that flavor density I was looking for!), a very mild increase in throat hit, and huge plumes of vapor.

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