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Ginger’s e-Juice Rockin’ Raspberry Review


Sometimes these reviews are easy, and sometimes, particularly with the more complex flavors, they take days of vaping and countless re-writes before they’re ready for posting.

And then rarely, on occasion, they just sort of write themselves…and that’s certainly how it was with Ginger’s Rockin’ Raspberry. From the first taste, I knew this was going to be one very easy review to write, which fortunately, gave me a little time to sit back and just enjoy the juice, a rare treat for me.

I’ve had quite a bit of raspberry based juice, usually it’s been mixed with another flavor or many other flavors, but even then, it was fairly simple to discern the flavor of sour blue raspberry, like the taste of the Dum-Dum lollipops or the blue Icee you buy at the corner gas station. This is totally the other end of the spectrum.

While I wouldn’t refer to this as a natural tasting raspberry, I would also stop far short of ever calling it a candy-like flavor as well; it’s falls somewhere in the middle. What’s most notable about it, is that it’s completely devoid of the sour, overly artificial flavor that most raspberry juice brings in tow. It’s fresh, ripe, sweet and downright juicy, practically exploding with intense red raspberry flavors. Like almost every juice I’ve previously reviewed from Ginger, there’s no subtlety, just a big, in-your-face rush of pure unadulterated flavor. Although you could get away with taking it a couple tenths of a volt hotter, I wouldn’t recommend going much beyond 8 watts, or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, with this juice.

That’s where you’re going to get the most flavor, taking it any hotter will cook away the more subtle nuances of raspberry. While that wattage will leave you with a pretty soft throat hit, there’s still ample clouds of sweet, luscious, fruity vapor to enjoy.

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