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LJ’s E-Smokes Edgewater Review


LJ’s is based in Edgewater, FL, so this is something of a signature juice for the store, and while their website describes it as a fresh mango with a kick, the description really does not do it justice.

The front side of the vape is juicy with sweet, ripe, and flat-out luscious mango flavor that just keeps going and going long after the vapor from the exhale has dissipated. While the front end is a pure, clean mango flavor, the back side is equally fruity, but a bit more complex with an enigmatic tropical note that, not for lack of trying, I can’t seem to nail down.

With a subtle, light fruitiness and an almost bubble-gum like sweetness to it, I’m leaning towards dragonfruit or guava on the finish, but whatever flavor it happens to be, it compliments the mango beautifully, and makes for an overall vape that is, forgive the use of the cliched, overused descriptor, mouth-watering…somehow, and I have to believe that this is not a reaction unique to myself, but it quite literally causes my mouth to water, and continues to keep me coming back for more. The sweet spot here is quite wide, making it a great option for vapers who don’t yet have the luxury of variable voltage.

I preferred it around 9.5 watts, or 5.3-5.4v on a 3Ω atomizer producing spectacularly light, sweet, fruity flavors, with rich clouds of vapor. While the throat hit is on the lighter side of the spectrum, that’s not unusual, or unexpected, from such a fruit forward juice.

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