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LJ’s E-Smokes Monster Smash Review


After a streak of some very tasty juice from LJ’s, including my new favorite cola, Hooligan’s Voodoo Cola, I was eager to break open my stash from LJ’s and taste some new juice.

The Monster Smash (formerly Hulk Smash) from Hooligan Vapes is one of their signature flavors so I chose that one for my next LJ’s review. The juice is described on the website as a “plethora of fruits”, but one of them quite clearly steals the show, pineapple.

This is not the same candy-like pineapple flavor that mimics Life Savers and Dum-Dums, but something a bit more natural in flavor with more acidity that makes it a hair less sweet and provides a truer flavor, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a genuine pineapple taste…more like somewhere in the middle. There is certainly more going on in this juice than just pineapple, but it’s a little hard to pin down the secondary components with such a bold primary flavor.

There’s a touch of creamy coconut that helps to balance out the acidity of the pineapple, as well as what I believe to be a trace of banana rounding out the profile. As a whole, the juice is thoroughly tropical with a rich, full-bodied mouthfeel, a pleasant note of acidity, and a cotton-candy like finish that makes this one worlds apart from your standard pina colada.

While the juice doesn’t suffer too much from additional heat, the sweet spot is just short of 9.5 watts, or 5.3v with a 3Ω atty, which yields pure, clean flavors, a decent throat hit, and voluminous clouds of sweet cotton candy scented vapor.

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