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LJ’s E-Smokes Red, White and Blue Review


The road to this review was something of a long and bumpy one. I received a small bottle of LJ’s Red, White and Blue at a local vape meet. I left the meet happily vaping it all the way home, making notes in my head about what I was tasting.

About a week later, I sat down to write the review and the bottle unfortunately ran dry less than halfway through the very first draft. I was able to get my hands on a larger bottle and hoped I could just pick up where I left off, only to be reminded that the bottle I received at the vape meet had clearly had some time to steep.

Any juice with cream elements needs a bit of extra steeping time to mature, so I put the fresh bottle into the steeping drawer, and other than the daily shake and breathing time I give every bottle awaiting review, I didn’t give it another thought. When I came back to the Red, White and Blue from LJ’s, almost a month later, I was looking forward to completing the review I was forced to leave hanging.

The bitter, off tones that the unsteeped cream flavor had been lending the juice were completely gone, and I jumped right back into one very tasty berries and cream concoction. The moniker here is quite apt, with the bright red flavor of sweet strawberries, a light touch of red raspberry, and deeper notes of blueberry , all of which are quite genuine.

While the darker blueberry flavor is not quite as potent as the sweeter reds, there is still a nice parity of flavor between the two. The final component, the cream flavor, is used sparingly, adding a smooth, element to the overall profile, but very little of it’s own flavor. Instead, it serves more to round out the rough edges, offsetting the mild acidity of the berries and adding a creamy mouthfeel to the vape.

The final product is sweet, fruity, and smooth, a flavor I found myself returning to long after the review was finalized. While the berry flavors can handle some heat, the cream is a bit more delicate and had some difficulty standing up to the extreme heat of a sub-Ω coil in a mech mod/RDA set-up. In the same vein, with a VV/VW device, keeping this juice in the sweet spot is crucial to avoid offsetting the balance with excessive heat.

I preferred it a bit under 9 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atty, which kept all the flavors nicely in check, while providing a stronger than expected throat hit, and a large plume of vapor.

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