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Ginger’s e-Juice Fizzy Grape Soda Review


This is far from my first review from Ginger’s collection of e-liquid. Her usual M.O. is big, bold, flavors that are practically bursting at the seams with lush, juicy flavors. Ginger’s Fizzy Grape Soda, however, moves in the other direction, not so far that I would call this juice light on flavor, but the profile leans closer towards the subtle side of spectrum than anything I’ve had from her in the past.

The overall flavor is a very good representation of what you would expect from a glass of grape Sunkist soda, with a fruit forward sweetness that is purposefully artificial in taste, but in a different way than something like a grape flavored bubblegum.

There’s a nice dose of acidity to the juice that helps to keep the sweetness in check and while I find myself wanting more of both the sweetness and the acidity, I can see how anything more than what’s already in here could potentially lead down a road filled with cough syrupy, medicinal tasting flavors.

The front side of the vape has a general, vague, sweet fruitiness about it that, up until the exhale, could lead into almost any fruity flavor. The back side is where the real flavors of the Fizzy Grape Soda come out, with bright fruity notes that are evenly balanced by the tart acidity not dissimilar to the flavor of purple SweeTarts, although not quite the same either.

What I was really hoping for out of this flavor, the fizzy goodness that I associate with soda-based flavors, is present and accounted for. The zing on your tongue that this juice delivers is more powerful than some soda flavors I’ve tasted previously, but also not quite as strong as some others.

I preferred this one at the lower end of the spectrum, bouncing back and forth between 4.4 and 4.5 volts on my 2.5Ω atty for a total wattage that was alternately just under and just over 8 watts. While this made for a lighter throat hit, vapor production was still good and the flavors were at their most vivid.

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