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Diamond Vapor Blue Magic Review


As I’ve mentioned previously in other reviews, I have a complex reviewing process that can go on for days, and has occasionally gone on for weeks with particularly complex blends. With the more basic, single flavor e-liquids, the process can go a bit faster, but I always spend at least six to eight hours vaping before sitting down to write.

The reasons for this lengthy process is fairly simple…getting the whole picture can take some time and the Blue Magic from Diamond Vapor is the perfect example of why judging a juice too quickly can lead to some incorrect assumptions. When I first sat down with this juice, I thought it was just another in a long lone of fairly standard blue raspberry e-liquids.

But after a bit, I began to pick up on a couple of very important differences between this juice and the no frills blue raspberry juice I see all too often. Firstly, this juice doesn’t have the same puckering tartness that blue raspberry flavors are usually accompanied by. Instead, the overall profile is quite a bit smoother, milder, and almost creamier.

The front side of the vape is loaded with that standard blue raspberry flavor, similar to a dum-dum lollipop or the melted treat at the bottom of a blue snow-cone, but thanks to the addition of a little marshmallow (or cotton candy?) flavor, the back side and finish are quite a bit softer and smoother than one might expect.

The marshmallow(?) also brings a rich, mildly creamy mouthfeel to the vape as well as the sweet flavor of lightly cooked, barely caramelized sugar. Overall, the vape is quite tasty, and although the profile is familiar, the additional sweet, mild creamy flavor adds a nice twist and separates this bottle from the rest of the blue raspberry juice I’ve reviewed in the past.

The flavors are easily able to withstand the heat inside a sub-Ω coiled RDA (twisted 28ga kanthal on XC-116 at .7Ω) on a mechanical mod. On the ProVari, with a hybrid 510 dripping atomizer at 2.5Ω, I preferred this one at an even 10 watts, or 5v which provided the brightest flavor, a solid throat hit, and above average vapor production.

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