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With rare exception, upStomp’s collection of juice has performed exceedingly well in these reviews. I was quite anxious to finally break into the bottle of Gobstomper, mostly because I had something of an affinity, at times even an obsession, for those little multicolored spheres of rock hard, sweet, yummy goodness.

With the combination of my love for the candy, and upStomp’s track record, I had some pretty high expectations, but still, I was fully aware that the potential existed for this juice to fall completely flat. LJ’s website describes it as a “8 seemingly random flavors combined to create a fruity sweet/sour combination”. Anytime that many flavors are brought together into a single juice, the possibility of unintentionally creating a single, generically tasting fruit flavor is rather high, and unfortunately, that’s what this juice tastes like.

Don’t misunderstand, it’s miles from being unpleasant to vape, on the contrary, it’s actually quite tasty, very fruit forward with sweet and sour components and just a touch of tartness to balance out the profile. But when taking into account the more spectacular juice that upStomp is capable of delivering, this one falls just a bit short of the incredibly high bar that he regularly sets.

My main issue with this flavor is that it simply doesn’t resemble a Gobstopper any more than it resembles a SweeTart, skittles, or any other sweet and sour fruit candy, other than that, it’s good, but not mindbogglingly spectacular. I like it just short of 9 watts ,or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, which yielded a good collective fruit flavor with notes of berry, stone fruit, and citrus (although nothing easily identifiable), a solid throat hit for such a fruity vape, and ample clouds of candy flavored vapor.

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