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Seduce Juice Vanilla Custard Review


As the Custard craze has swept through the e-liquid community, more and more of them have been making their way into my hands. With a few vanilla custards already posted, and a few more waiting in the steeping drawer, I’ve gotten a fairly good idea of what I should be expecting from the various concentrates available, but much like candy green apple flavors, or banana bread e-juice, there usually isn’t a huge variation in these mixes, yet each has it’s own defining characteristics and subtle nuances that make it different from the others.

Seduce has never let me down in the past, displaying a consistent level of quality and craftsmanship, so I was eager to see what they could do with this relatively simple, yet decidedly complex flavor, Vanilla Custard. Usually, the custard-y flavors don’t fare particularly well under extreme wattage, so I decided to take it easy on the juice from the get-go and wound a dual 1Ω build on an IGO-T and placed it atop my Duke, where I could adjust the total wattage as needed. I began the review with the Duke set to it’s lowest voltage, 3.4v, generating ~11.5w.

I could certainly taste the sweet creamy custard, but felt like I could had plenty of breathing room as far as total wattage goes. After slow, incremental increases (and one decrease after I took it a little too far, generating the familiar off flavor of overheated custard), I settled in right around 20w, getting every ounce of flavor I could from this particular juice while keeping the profile intact. As per their M.O., Seduce does not disappoint, it’s a very good custard.

A large part of the appeal of these flavors is the texture of the vapor. While comparing any custard e-liquid to the delicate, luxurious mouthfeel of the genuine article would be unfair at best, Seduce’s Vanilla Custard is exceptionally creamy, with a thick, rich mouthfeel that is unlike most other custards I’ve reviewed. Beyond that, the deep innate sweetness and delicate floral quality of the vanilla note is the perfect compliment to the silky texture of the custard, bringing the profile together and creating an excellent sense of balance and complexity to the profile.

Beyond that, there is little to say about this juice, the flavor is spot on vanilla custard, not instant pudding powder, not even homemade stove top cooked pudding, but the velvety smooth, pillow-y soft custard that has been slowly cooked by a skilled pastry chef until the precise moment when it reaches the perfect consistency. The flavor, while difficult to describe, is ethereal…rich, smooth, dense, and sweet enough to provide that guilty sense of overindulgence, but keep in mind, wattage is key.

On the Smoke MOD, I kept it at 8.8w or less (4.7v on a 2.5Ω atty) which kept the flavors well in check while providing a mild throat hit with good cloud production. As I mentioned earlier, if you plan to take this on sub-Ω, you’ll probably want to keep it at .6-.8Ω (or have large air intakes to quikcly cool your coils) in order to maintain the intended profile. Once you dial in (or build to) the sweet spot, this is a very tasty juice from a vendor that I have come to expect nothing less from.

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