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Ginger’s e-Juice Blueberry Streusel Review


After a stellar showing with her Fireball juice, I was looking forward to opening another one of the bottles that Ginger submitted for review. I opted for the Blueberry Streusel for no other reason than I was in the mood for a sweet, fruity, bakery vape. While the nose on the Fireball was powerful enough to smell 10 yards away, theBlueberry Streusel was quite the opposite, with very little to smell at all, other than a fairly light, general berrylike fruit aroma.

The vapor however is chock full of a juicy blueberry flavor that has a notable sweet, baked, caramelized flavor that sets it apart from the standard natural and candy-like flavors on the market.

The baked blueberry flavor presents straight away on the front side of the vape with rich, deep, lush tones of slow-cooked fruit that intensifies exponentially on the exhale, as it mingles with the flavors of freshly baked muffin and a light dusting of sweet cinnamon. The similarities to the real deal here are quite stunning, particularly on the finish, as the lingering taste of light pastry and deep, caramelized berries clings to the tongue long after the vapor has dissipated.

While the flavors don’t suffer too much from a little additional heat, I found the sweet spot to be right at 8 watts, or 4.9v with a 3Ω atomizer. At that wattage, you can expect loads of sweet blueberry muffin-like goodness, a gratifying throat hit, and considerable amounts of vapor.

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