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Seduce Juice Looper Review


Since the introduction of Pluid, it seems as if every vendor has to have their own absinthe/citrus blend. For the most part these liquids are decent, but usually far from impressive, often coming off as little more than blatant rip-offs of Mad Murdock’s creation, paling in comparison to the original, with the only real similarity being a basic representation of the same flavor profile and a hefty dose of green food coloring.

Even that is never quite the same bright, aggressive green that Murdock manages to create however. Seduce’s Looper  on the other hand, despite being a juice with similar flavoring components, is quite clearly it’s own animal, not to mention free of artificial coloring. The vape opens with a sweet, ripe mango, the first indication (other than the color) that this is not just another Pluid wannabe. The mango is quickly met by a brighter citrus-y flavor and while it’s certainly an orange like flavor, there seems to be a lighter tone that I normally see from orange bases.

It could simply be the result of the orange blending with the mango, but it also may be tangerine being utilized by Seduce, or even an orange concentrate with a light touch of grapefruit. At the very top of the exhale, just before releasing the vapor from the lungs, the absinthe/anise component begins to take form. In a fair number of juices in this vain, the licorice like component can be a bit overpowering, drowning out the citrus-y front end.

The citrus does actually begin to dissipate here, but the mango remains present, as an active participant in the entirety of the vape, giving the back end a sweet overtone and a sense of balance that seems to round out the bold, intense herbal tone of the absinthe. It’s important to note, this is not a particularly powerful anise note…it’s a long way from subtle, but it’s also not really the lead player…more like part of an ensemble cast, with each player bringing a different, but well paired flavor to the overall picture. The result is something that is unique, with complex layers of sweet and tart complimented beautifully by the floral and herbal notes of the anise component. For those that adore these anise/absinthe style vapes (and I know there are a great deal of you), this one is certainly worth checking out.

It’s not just another Pluid clone, and while the addition of mango, a flavor that persists straight through to the finish, adds an additional top note that breathes new life into this genre of e-liquids, it’s not the only thing setting this juice apart.

The overall balance is superb, the base is downright immaculate, providing the blank canvas for Seduce’s creation, and the sweet spot is quite wide. in the ProVari/510 dripping rig, I spent most of my time with it at 10-10.4 watts or 5-5.1v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which provides the best balance of flavors, as well as a good solid throat hit, and excellent vapor production from this 50/50 blend.

With my mech/RBA rig (Poldiac topped with a Helios atty built with dual 28ga Kanthal coils on XC-116) with a .58Ω coil, Looper had no flavor issues from the more extreme wattage, providing the same full, balanced flavor, along with the anticipated increases in both vapor production and throat hit.

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