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Seduce Juice Snake Venom Review


Seduce Juice has impressed me now more than a handful of times with their deep, complex, intensely flavored liquids, but this one, Snake Venom, is a bit different from the rest. Rather than the deep, low bass tones that they do so well, this one is centered on crisp, juicy fruit, peach to be precise.

I’ve admitted in the past I have an affinity for peach flavors…about 4 years back, when I first began vaping, I spent a great deal of time with peach flavors. There wasn’t a whole lot of quality out there, but peach was a relatively easy juice to pull off, and even the worst peach e-liquid was still vape-able.

As the juice making craft evolved, flavors got better and better, and peach in particular became a dynamic, complex flavor unto itself. Seduce has mastered the peach, building a basic fruit flavor into an intricate, mosaic with the fruit front and center, and a beautifully layered, tightly woven web of complimentary notes.

The peach itself is multi-faceted with hints of ripe, canned, and candied flavors highlighting the best of each variety. The overall profile of the peach is sweet, but there’s a touch of tart, and even the skin of the peach can be tasted as an individual component leaving your tongue with a hint of peach fuzz. While I’ve tasted a couple of peach flavors that are as good (yet different) as the one used here by Seduce, I can’t say I’ve ever tasted one better.

The underlying notes of coconut and cream act to round out the vape, adding a rich, decadent feel to the vapor and give the juice a sense of balance and fullness that few other peach based e-liquids possess. The vape plays out with the peach coming on strong at the top, with the sweet, natural, juicy flavor being met by the a light hint of coconut and the lush cream through the exhale.

The coconut continues to pick up more ground through the exhale reaching it’s peak on the finish, but even then, it’s never an in-your-face flavor, more of a teaser used to compliment the impressive peach. The coconut and cream, two flavors that can be problematic for some mixers, are both flawless without and off tone from the cream or the boozy quality that many coconut flavors are burdened with. Overall, this is another in a long line of successful blends from Seduce, demonstrating a skilled hand and a level of uncompromising quality in their base liquids and flavorings.

I ran the Snake Venom through a variety rigs, finding the sweet spot on a standard VV/VW rig (ProVari/510 dripper) at a solid 10 watts, or 5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. That provides enough heat to get all the flavors to peak simultaneously while providing a stout throat hit for such a fruit-forward profile and a very impressive cloud. My rig of choice for this juice is a mech/RBA rig. Specifically I used a Nemesis with a modified IGO-W built with dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .4Ω on 3mm Ekowool.

This set-up produces immense flavor, and despite the increased heat, the cream component remains wholly intact, without producing the off ‘toasted’ flavor that lesser quality ingredients often do at more extreme wattage. Throat hit and vapor production also picked up the anticipated gains that one would expect from the additional power of this type of set-up.

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