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Seduce Juice Chalice Review


I was quite impressed with the juice that the relative newcomer Seduce Juice has brought to the table. While most of the newer vendors I’ve been seeing lately are making high quality juice, few are ready to compete with the veteran vendors from day one.

Seduce appears to have spent ample time in crafting their flavors and creating complex blends that are well balanced and multi-tonal. Their Pineapple Upside-down cake was quite tasty and the Snake Oil was extraordinarily well balanced. So when I grabbed the next bottle for review, Chalice, I was looking forward to more of the same.

The flavor profile is one that has recently become quite popular, a sweet and sour blue raspberry juice, my bottle came mentholated, an option the have on the website when ordering, and a flavor that compliments the sour raspberry quite nicely. The sweet and sour raspberry is far from unique, but Seduce holds nothing back, using ample amounts of the flavoring to create a big, bright, fruit forward e-liquid reminiscent of blue Icees and sour Blue Raspberry Dum Dums. The optional menthol adds a crisp, cool feeling on the exhale and finish, with a trace of mint that easily cuts through the sweetness with a refreshing kick.

On top of the bright, fruity flavor this juice delivers, it is also very tolerant to heat, a big plus for those who enjoy high wattage vaping. While the profile doesn’t change drastically along the normal vaping wattage spectrum, I preferred to vape Chalice just over 11.5 watts at 5.4v on a 2.5Ω atty which produced a fairly mild throat hit, with impressive plumes of vapor.

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