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Diamond Vapor Clouds of Berries Reviews


I got started on Diamonds Clouds of Berries immediately after wrapping up the final edit for their Gargamel’s Curse, a simple berry medley. I did this purposefully, mostly because I was looking to see what type of variation there would be between these two flavors.

Gargamel’s Curse did quite well in it’s own review, and Clouds of Berries performs equally well, they are after all, quite similar….both berry flavors, both well-balanced, and both clearly high quality juice. With that being said, there are some minor differences in the profile that make this one it’s own, along with the similarities that are quite apparent as well.

Both flavors are lush, rich berry blends, and they both incorporate a nice mix of the brighter red berries and deeper, dark berry flavors. Clouds seems to be a bit less bright with less of the red raspberry and just a touch more blue/blackberry which also brings a hair more acidity to the mix.

The acidity plays quite nicely with the final component in this juice, a very mild touch of sweet cream. The juice was certainly sweet already, and while the addition of cream adds a bit more sweetness, it still doesn’t come off as cloyingly. saccharine sweet.

That being said however, if you aren’t the type to go in for the sweet, fruity, candy-like flavors, this one might not be for you. If fruity, ripe, berry style e-liquids are your thing, you could do a whole lot worse than Clouds of Berries.

It practically explodes with the succulent, juicy flavors of sweet, ripe berries, and while again, I would have preferred to see some more cream flavor coming out of this profile, it’s still quite tasty as is. Like Gargamel’s Curse, it’s difficult to pinpoint individual components, only a well balanced, interwoven tapestry of berries that is fairly static in flavor from the top of the vape through the exhale and into the finish. On the Smok MOD, I found Clouds of Berries to have the same sweet spot as Gargamel’s Curse, 9.2w or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atty, producing all the sweet berry flavor (although again, not much cream to speak of), a mild throat hit, and a nice size cloud. Of course the mech mod/RDA rig (modified ERA, twisted 28ga kanthal at .8Ω on 2mm Ekowool) provided a large boost in the flavor department, as well as substantially increased vapor production, and a slightly more powerful throat hit.

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