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Seduce Juice Snake Oil Review


Seduce is one of the newer vendors to introduce their line of e-juice and while I had heard good things, I was a bit skeptical. Nevertheless, we spoke, at some length, regarding my review process and the possibility of them submitting some juice for review.

They decided to send over a few of the flavors they’re most proud of, and after very good showings from their Pineapple Upside-down cake and Honey Blublu, I was excited to get started on another bottle from Seduce. I opted to go with their snake oil, a clever play on the name of a more traditional vendor’s blend of coconut and pear. I don’t fault a vendor for seeing something that works and finding a way to improve upon the concept; it’s the free market at work.

After all, anyone that wants to is free to create a cherry cola flavor to compete with Cherry Coke, e-juice should be no different. So with that outlook, I cracked open the bottle of Snake oil, after allowing for my normal steep time, and found a fresh atomizer to begin the evaluation. I will occasionally taste a juice periodically throughout the steeping period (particularly with a new vendor), and before this one is thoroughly steeped, it does bring along a bit of a perfumey note from the coconut flavor, but as one would expect, that flavor subsides with a little age. Even after five weeks of steeping, it doesn’t completely disappear, but it does recede to the point of becoming unobtrusive and is easily be overlooked.

The coconut is the dominating flavor in the profile, and it brings along a vibrant, creamy texture with a sweet, almost candied flavor. While the coconut tends to rule the roost on the front side of the vape, the pear makes a strong showing on the back end and finish, lending the profile an acidity that cuts through the thick sweetness of the coconut and lends an overall sense of balance to the vape.

The pear itself possesses a very natural quality with big, bright, acidic tones that are mildly tart in nature, imparting a crisp, clean flavor throughout the long sweet finish. I don’t really care much for side by side comparisons, and you’ll almost never hear/read me saying something along of the lines of X juice is better than Y, but if you enjoy this other vendor’s pear/coconut blend, you would be doing yourself a favor by checking out the Snake Oil. With a graceful balance, an immaculate base, and a wide range in the sweet spot, this is another impressive juice from Seduce, a young but experienced vendor.

I preferred this juice just under 11w or at 5.2v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which retains all the flavor Seduce intended while producing an outstanding cloud of vapor, albeit with the mild throat hit one would expect from such a fruit forward blend.

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