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LJ’s E-Smokes Papa Smurf Review


Flavorz by Joe has a pretty big fan base and his Papa Smurf juice has something of a legendary following. With so much chatter about this juice in particular, I was expecting huge flavors to come leaping out of this juice, but I was quite surprised to find a graceful subtlety to the juice that is more than a little appealing.

The flavors themselves are fairly simple, sweet berries and whipped cream. There must be dozens of vendors, if not more, selling juice with a similar composition, but this is certainly a cut above the rest. The berry flavors are strikingly natural, like fresh, ripe strawberries and blueberries dusted with sugar, rather than a cloyingly sweet candy-like artificial taste.

Even with ample amounts of strawberry in the mix, Joe has managed to completely avoid the bitter, medicinal overtones that commonly accompany strawberry flavors. The whipped cream flavor is expertly balanced to compliment the berries, adding a lush, velvety mouthfeel and a smooth, rich creaminess that gives the juice a bit more body and an overall full, well-rounded profile. This juice also has a very wide range when it comes to sweet spot.

The flavors begin to blossom at around 4.5V on my 3Ω atomizer, a total of 6.75,watts, and really began to pop around 4.8 volts or about 7.7 watts. Notably, the berries and cream remained true all the way up to 5.6V which, again on my 3Ω atty, yields a total wattage of 10.4.

With a 50/50 mix running this hot, there’s enough fog to put on a laser light show, and while throat hit is good and strong there’s not quite as much kick as I had anticipated.

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