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The Vapor Chef Honey Pearry


First Impressions

This one has a dark orange color in the bottle & smells of melon & berry.

When I tasted this, I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t Hobbes’ Blood, because I think it tastes VERY similar. It has a robust melon flavor to it with a dash of berry. I didn’t particularly get a lot of pear flavor from it, although if I reached I suppose I could say there is some pear there.

It hits pretty well at 18mg, & it produces tons of vapor.


As a chef myself, the idea of starting up my own juice company is one I’ve toyed with dozens of times, and someday, it may happen, but for now, I simply have too many reasons not to get started with a venture of this nature.

When I heard about The Vapor Chef, my immediate reactions were a complicated mix of curiosity, excitement, and to be completely honest, a little bit of envy as well. But the truth is, this is not the first juice vendor with a chef at the helm, and it won’t be the last. But more importantly, there’s plenty of room in the marketplace for high quality, well-made juice. The discerning palate of a classically trained, seasoned chef can only raise the bar for the vendors that aren’t working with the same set of tools. After a slew of positive press from members of various vaping forums,

I found myself eagerly checking the PO box for the juice I was expecting from The Vapor Chef. Upon arrival, I gave it the standard steep and decided to begin with the flavor I’d heard the most chatter about, Honey Pearry. After only a single vape, it’s impossible not to notice the crystal clear, immaculately clean flavors.

There is nothing in the blend other than what the mixer, the chef, purposefully placed in the bottle, and all of those flavors are downright remarkable.

The dominant component of the profile is a spectacularly natural, sweet, ripe honeydew with a nectar-like sticky sweetness that would likely become too sweet if it weren’t for the next component in the mix, a crisp pear that is also spot on in the flavor. While the honeydew presents immediately on the inhale, growing exponentially until it practically explodes with sweetness, the pear makes its appearance a little later in the vape, delivering a stable dose of acidity to the back end, quickly cutting through the sweetness of the melon and blending seamlessly into the profile.

The final flavor in Honey Pearry is a very light strawberry that lends a subtle fruitiness, helping to round out the overall profile and make for a more complex blend. If you didn’t know the strawberry was there, it could easily be overlooked. While I can’t speak to what the Vapor Chef’s intentions were, it seems as if the strawberry is there to smooth out the existing flavors rather than to add a separate, additional component.

For such a fruit forward juice, it’s remarkably resilient to heat with no significant degradation of flavor all the way up at 12.5 watts or 5.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. I preferred to vape it a little cooler, at a solid 10 watts or 5v on the same 2.5Ω atomizer.

Throughout the normal vaping spectrum, the flavors are bold, sweet, and consistent, making this juice a great option for those with or without the luxury of a variable voltage/wattage device.

Regardless of how hot you vape The Vapor Chef’s Honey Pearry, the throat hit remains relatively mellow with the juice producing a huge cloud of sweet, well-balanced, fruity vapor.

The Bottom Line : Final Thoughts

Taste. The taste is good. It’s long on melon, short on pear. If you like Hobbes’ Blood, you will no doubt like this one. I didn’t particularly get a strong coconut essence from Hobbes’ Blood, but if you are one of those people who doesn’t like the taste of coconut, this one might be a better alternative. For me, there wasn’t enough to draw a sharp contrast between this juice & Hobbes’ Blood.

True to Description. I get the melon, & I get a lot of this. Before I read the description, I thought the honey part of the name was supposed to mean actual honey, not honeydew. For that reason, I was starting to wonder if maybe this bottle had somehow been filled with Hobbes’ Blood. Now that I know it’s a melon flavor, it all makes sense. I get tons of fruit, a little berry & tiny pear.

Throat Hit. Throat hit is ok for me on this one. I think it could be a bit better at 18mg, but it’s good enough for me to vape all day without feeling like I lack throat hit.

The quality of Vape. All around, this is a good vape. It tastes very strongly of melon & the flavor is full to the point where it is juicy. If you like melon, you will appreciate this one. The throat hit & vapor are both good, although I would have liked a little more kick from the throat hit.