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Halo Belgian Cocoa Review


I’m always more than a little nervous when I first open up a bottle of Chocolate based e-liquid. My mind was eased a bit by the strong natural cocoa smell emanating from the bottle of Halo Belgian Cocoa, but not so much that I didn’t suspect I would find a little of the same old, off-tasting, artificial chocolate flavoring that seems to be a base component of most chocolate e-liquid I’ve had, with rare exception.

As soon as I cracked the bottle a bit to let it breathe, that same smell gained greater intensity and within minutes had permeated most of the room as I began dripping into a fresh atomizer.

Before we get too far into this one, and to help you better understand what this particular flavor, I think it’s best to begin by explaining, as briefly as possible, the difference between cocoa and chocolate, as the two are not interchangeable. Cocoa is a direct result of the processing of the cacao bean.

After it is fermented, dried, and roasted, it is ground to a paste called cocoa liquor which contains the cocoa powder and the cocoa butter. At this point, one could simply add sugar, additional cocoa butter, vanilla and milk to arrive at a basic chocolate bar. Alternately, the liquor can be pressed to extract the cocoa butter. The dry cake-like material left behind is the cocoa powder which, without any sweetener, dairy or added fat, has a bitter, mildly chalky taste and mouthfeel.

Halo’s Belgian Cocoa is something of a cross between chocolate and cocoa powder leaning closer to the flavor of the cocoa powder. There is some additional sweetness in the blend, but not an overabundance of it, giving the profile a taste similar to that of a high-quality cup of hot cocoa with a dry, crisp, roasted flavor, and while there is a very light touch of creaminess in this juice, thanks to a bit of chocolate flavoring, I suspect, it is important to note that this is first and foremost cocoa; the chocolate is only there to help balance out the profile.

All that being said, this is easily one of the more natural tasting cocoa/chocolate e-liquid I have tasted, and if you’re a fan of dark chocolate, upwards of 60% cocoa, this one is certainly worth your time. If you’re looking for an e-liquid that lacks the artificial, candy-like flavor that so often goes hand-in-hand with chocolate e-juice, this one should satisfy your cravings as well, but keep in mind, this is not a rich, creamy, silky chocolate flavor that could pass for Hershey’s.

I found the best flavor at 9.5 watts or 4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which in addition to a deep, dark, roasted cocoa flavor, also provided ample throat hit and a very large cloud of vapor.

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