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I’ve written a fair number of reviews for Halo, and they have all done pretty well so far, but they seem to specialize in the tried and true tobacco and menthol flavors with few deviations from that path. The Malibu Menthol is a small variation in that while it does have a menthol kick, the juice is centered on a pina colada base.

While I am partial to the beverage, as well as a good solid menthol, I don’t recall ever having the two flavors blended into a single juice. While I wouldn’t go so far as saying that these flavors were made for each other, they do get along a bit better than I had anticipated. It’s tough to say which flavor dominates the profile as they are in a relatively even ratio. As soon as the first bit of vapor glides over your tongue, there is no doubt that this juice is mentholated in some fashion.

The pineapple is the next flavor to make an appearance, and despite being almost candied in nature, when combined with their uber creamy coconut, which shows up almost immediately upon exhale, the two flavors come together to create one of the more realistic pina colada flavors I’ve reviewed to date. The menthol that is used here is quite light, and try as I might, I can’t pick up even a hint of mint flavor leading me to believe it’s possible that rather than being an actual menthol, there is an “ice” component in play.

It’s there, and it’s strong, but it’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t impede the pina colada from fully presenting. As with the other juice I’ve reviewed from Halo, the base here is remarkably clean and pure, a notable trait that has been the cause of some of the more recent lower scoring reviews…if you’re not starting with fresh, pure ingredients, the final product will never be incredible, it’s just not possible to turn lead into gold.

I preferred the Halo Malibu Menthol just a bit over 9w or at 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. At that wattage, Malibu delivers cool, crisp, pina colada goodness that is downright tasty with just the right volume of sweetness to make it easily capable for extended periods of time. As well as great flavor, this wattage also produces a stout throat hit and a decent plume of vapor.

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