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Mister-E-Liquid Vape Nectar Review


The name of this juice, VapeNectar, has an interesting way of not telling you very much about the actual flavors, while at the same time, instilling a general idea of the overall qualities of the flavors one might expect to taste.

A look at Mister-E’s website goes into a bit more depth describing the juice as a slightly sweet blend of vanilla, cantaloupe, honeysuckle, and raspberry. This is yet another example of a juice where the end result is greater than the sum of it’s parts. The overall flavor is seamless, and while the predominant flavor is the honeysuckle nectar, a flavor that is replicated well enough to remind me of the walks to school where I would stop to suck out the nectar from the flowers on my neighbors lawn (something I haven’t thought of in years if not decades), the other flavors in the blend compliment the honeysuckle, rather than competing for space in the profile.

The melon, vanilla and raspberry each blossom at a different point in the vape, with the melon and vanilla coming on slightly before the raspberry, but the end result is a delicate, remarkably natural fruity note that’s reminiscent of a lightly fruited white tea. With such delicate flavors, one might expect a fairly low tolerance to heat, but like almost all of Mister-E’s juice, it can handle some serious wattage. Using a 3Ω atomizer, I was able to take this one all the way up to the full output of my PV, 6v, without significant flavor degradation.

That being said, I found the sweet spot, where the flavors are balanced and bright, to be at 5.6v on that 3Ω atomizer yielding just under 10.5 watts. That wattage yielded a good throat hit for such a light, ethereal juice, and the usual plume of vapor that has become a staple of Mister-E’s juice.

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