Aspire – N3 Double Apple Cinnamon review


    Today I am pretty excited to bust the seal open on this exclusive Aspire – N3 Double Apple Cinnamon review. My initial reaction to this e liquid was great and it only got better.  Check it out.  This is the exact one I am reviewing.


    The first hint of flavor I get from the Double Apple Cinnamon is a crisply tart bite of flavor.  Follow that flavor hint up with a green and red apple meld together with cinnamon splashes mildly-sweet tobacco finish and that pretty much sums up the entire flavor spectrum I tasted upon and after vaping this Aspire blend. When I fired up my tank loaded with Double Apple Cinnamon the 2nd and 3rd times I noticed a slight hint of maybe spice or cinnamon as well.  It’s not really intense and it’s very slight at best, but, it’s there. The double apple cinnamon flavor actual flavor is excellent.  It simply tastes like a tart apple and leaves a nice pleasant tart apple taste in your mouth after vaping.

    Throat Hit

    The throat hit is about medium.  It’s not harsh, not light and not extreme.  It perhaps has  slightly less of a throat hit than, say, Longhorn by Halo.  So this one won’t kill your throat but will still give you enough kick to know you’re smoking (uhmmm, vaping).  So on throat hit, I’d list it at about 5 or 6/10 or medium on a 10 point scale. I could definitely feel the hit, so if you’re looking for a really weak throat hit, this one is probably not your style.  If you like a good medium throat hit without the harshness, this will work for you.


    The aroma is nice.  It smells like a lightly spiced apple pie in the room for a little while. The aroma and scent lingered in the air for about 30 minnutes or so and it actually made m crave more. There’s not really much else to say here on the aroma, but, it’s pleasant and smells like apple.

    Final Thoughts

    This vape was very enjoyable.  I love this flavor and I will be buying a lot more of this one.  The tart apple Cinnamon  taste is great and add the unique twist of tobacco and slight spice in the mix and you have one fantastic vape.  It’s worth getting the 30ml bottles on this one and I highly recommend this is you like apple Cinnamon e liquid. 2 major thumbs up for the Aspire N3 Double Apple Cinnamon .  Get some here.