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While the series of reviews for Mr. Good Vapes line of e-liquid has been enjoyable for me, the reviews have not always been particularly easy to write. I make a point of breaking down complex, dynamic flavor profiles into their base components…that’s how these reviews work, so that you, the reader, know what to expect before laying down your hard earned money on an enigmatically named juice with little to no description. It’s helpful to know if a juice is high quality, but if you’re not a fan of a particular flavor, say coconut or banana, it’s even more useful knowing when a juicer is using one of those flavors before ordering a juice with a 0% chance that you will enjoy it.

The problem arises when vendors like Mr. Good Vapes get tossed into the mix. With flavors that are so tightly woven together, creating a single, unique flavor, it becomes considerably more difficult for me to actually figure out the base ingredients that meld so seamlessly into, in this case, the flavor of Heaven’s Candy. One flavor is immediately identifiable, a green apple hard card candy/jolly rancher type of flavor.

That particular flavor tends to have some issues in the hands of a less skilled juicer, it can come off as sharp, even jarringly sour, but Mr. Good Vapes manages to keep the juice balanced by restraining the potent tartness that often accompanies green apple based e-juice. While pulling the green apple from the profile is simple, the remaining notes in this complex profile, are quite a bit more difficult to identify.

The top of the exhale is loaded with a sweeter, more natural fruit flavor and while I can’t be 100% certain, I’d guess it’s a ripe plum. It’s a long way from dominant, more of a subtle bottom note that offsets both the apple as well as the flavor that follows it, a deep, candied grape, reminiscent of grape bubblegum. The plum(?) and grape fold seamlessly into one another with the grape gaining a greater foothold on the finish. Overall, the profile is stunning, sweet like candy as the name implies, but with additional mild tart notes that lead to an extraordinary sense of balance, furthered by the flawless base liquids that Mr. Good Vape utilizes.

Like the other liquids I’ve reviewed from this vendor, this juice has no problem handling high wattage. On the ProVari/510 dripper rig, I found the flavors peaking at 10.8w or 5.2v on a 2.5Ω atty and while this produced copious amounts of vapor, throat hit remained quite tame.

In the Nemesis/Nimbus rig with dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .4Ω on XC-116, the overall profile is amplified exponentially, and adds a slight boost to the otherwise mild throat hit, as well as the expected increase in the already impressive vapor production.

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