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Five Pawns Grandmaster Review


Based in California, Five Pawns is one of the newest vendors to launch in the super premium category of e-juice. Despite being one of the new kids on the block, they have already managed to create quite a buzz in some of the various vaping forums I frequent.

First Impressions

So after I did not care for Shmuffer Shmutter last week, which is a somewhat similar flavor profile, I figured it would be good to try another one to see if it was just that particular juice I didn’t like, or if maybe I am just too adverse to this kind of flavor.

At almost $1 per ml, Five Pawns sets the standard for extremely expensive juice, so whatever this is, it would have to be pretty amazing at that price to impress me.

It’s got an almost orange color in the bottle & smells somewhat similar to Shmuffer Shutter. Taste-wise, it has sort of the same tone, but the taste is wildly different. On the inhale, I get a subtle banana flavor mixed with an almost salty, savory peanut butter. Exhale is super buttery with the dry spicy peanut notes. I did not get much of any caramel flavor from this one at all.

The thing I liked a lot was that the banana was dialed WAY back. While the banana was pretty much what ruined Shmuffer Shmutter for me, in this vape it is portioned out just right, & the way that it seems like it really should be – more of a sweet undertone than taking over the entire vape.

Flavor Accuracy 

As with any product that aims for the upper echelon, along with the super premium label, comes a super premium price point, so not all of the buzz has been of the positive variety. As the regular readers know, I don’t address value for the money…, if it keeps you from smoking analogs, it’s worth every penny, and then some.

So, rather than get into the price per ml, it’s time to cut to the chase and spend some quality time with the Grandmaster to assess the overall quality of the juice and the base components of the profile. The e-liquid builds on a sandwich with a bit of a cult like following, and one I often fix for myself when I’m feeling the need for something that will satisfy my sweet tooth and stick to my ribs. When I make it, I refer to it as many others do, The Elvis.

The sandwich and the juice are both centered around the combination of peanut butter and bananas. Five Pawns nails both flavors with stunning accuracy, bringing a rich, lush peanut butter together with a sweet, creamy taffy like a banana. The two flavors have an impressive cohesion as they come off as a single sweet, earthy, fruity note that’s every bit as tasty and satisfying an Elvis sandwich.


While I found this one markedly better than Shmuffer Shmutter, I still don’t think the taste is that great.The peanut butter was far and away, the dominant player in the profile. As the juice ages, it goes through an interesting transformation as the nutty flavor begins to recede a bit, and the candy-like banana become more pronounced.

After spending almost 3 weeks with this juice, on and off, that ratio of peanut butter and banana has reached a very stable balance with the final flavor, a sweet caramel that resembles butterscotch, adding a layer of sweetness to the profile. It’s rich, not particularly sweet, & it has kind of an intense savory vibe to it. Pretty much, it is just too rich to want to vape a ton of it, & it doesn’t taste good enough to get me excited.

True to Description.

They were pretty close to being as described. It is a very buttery vape. The peanut butter flavor is there, & they portioned it out nicely, & they did an excellent job keeping the banana sweet & smooth. The one thing I thought was noticeably missing was the caramel. I think the added sweetness from some caramel would have made this one a lot more palatable, but I didn’t get a caramel vibe from it at all.

Throat Hit.

I found the flavors in Grandmaster to be best just short of 10.5 watts or 5.1v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This yields a sweet, fruit and nut combo as well as a decent throat hit and above the average cloud of vapor. Throat hit is pretty solid at 12 mg. I could get it again at this level.I thought it hit better than Queenside, which is also described as medium bodied but not by a huge margin.

The quality of Vape.

It’s a nice full vape. The vapor & throat hit is excellent, & the flavor is pretty decent & well balanced. All around, this is a good quality vape.


I have to give them credit for doing a good job with the Banana which isn’t easy to do. That said, I don’t think this juice is anything special. To take it a step further, I don’t believe it is anywhere near being worthy of the near $1/ml price tag which is extremely expensive even compared to other more expensive vendors out there.



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