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Vape Dudes Key Lime Pie Review

All of the flavor ingredients needed to make a real Key Lime Pie go into this complex vape. Totally Amazing!

  • Bottle: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml
  • Nicotine: Nicotine Level:No Nicotine  1 . 5mg  3mg  4mg  6mg  8mg  11mg12mg  16mg  18mg  24mg
  • Ratio: Max VG, 50/50, 30/70, 60/40, 70/30
Vape Dudes is a vape company located out of Dallas Texas. The company sent me seven flavors to review that I got to pick. They have an extensive collection of flavors over 200 with different tiers; some made to order some presteeped. Prices range based on the levels but are a reasonable mid price range for premium e juices.

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Vape Dudes Key Lime Pie  eJuice Review
Flavor & Aroma Accuracy

The dudes really nailed this one, 100% Key Lime Pie. The lime is refreshing, not too tart, not too sweet, although I would prefer to have a little more of it. The graham cracker crust flavor is remarkably accurate without seeming the least bit artificial and the whole juice has nice creamy mouthfeel to it, perfectly simulating the whipped cream on top.

Throat Hit & Vapor Producing
While the juice lacks a significant throat hit, it still has excellent vapor production and the dead-on accuracy of the flavor helps make up for the missing TH. While I can’t see this one ever becoming an all-day vape, it certainly earns a spot in the after dinner rotation and may be a little hard for me to put down.
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