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As a long time deadhead, I was excited to break into the bottle with the Sunshine Daydream label on it…but more than just for the musical allusion. I have been enormously impressed by the big, bold, juicy fruit flavors that have been coming from the folks over at Mr. Good Vape.

As soon as the lid comes off the bottle of Sunshine Daydream, there is a bold, fruity aroma emanating from within that almost screams “YELLOW!” This is certainly not the first time I’ve resorted to describing a taste or smell as a color (as far as I know, I don’t suffer from synesthesia), but usually that only applies with the bright reds and deep blues of the berry variety, so this was a bit of a change for me.

That being said, I decided to stop focusing on the smell and get to dripping this juice into a fresh atty. Interestingly, the first two flavors in the profile I was able to figure out before I even tasted the juice. In the process of filling the atomizer, both pineapple and banana began to permeate the air around me.

Once the atomizer was filled, I was ready to start putting the rest of the puzzle together, an effort that was decidedly more complex than I had anticipated. While the banana and pineapple were just as easy to pull out of the flavor profile, a third flavor also coming into play on the front side was a touch more difficult. It’s some form of bright citrus flavor, a mildly tart orange or tangerine with a hint of bitterness that serves to offset the tropical sweetness of the pineapple and banana quite well, while adding a light acidity to the profile.

There seem to be at least two more flavors at play here, one of which is sweet with a smooth, rich mouthfeel, and a taste reminiscent of bubblegum, helping to round out the sharp edges of the profile and create an overall sense of balance and continuity. There also seems to be a touch of sweet or whipped cream flavor (perhaps marshmallow?) as well, helping to tie the whole profile together.

All that being said, the real take away here is that whether you compare this one to a tropical fruit smoothie or a yellow Starburst, both of which are close but neither of which is 100% correct, this is one tasty, well balanced juice that is at once unique, while simultaneously reminding you of something you just can’t quite put your finger on. As with the other flavors I’ve tasted from Mr. Good Vapes, not only are the flavors themselves remarkable, but equally impressive is the remarkable clarity of the base liquids that allows the flavors to present in all their glory.

For those who prefer extreme wattage, this juice has no problem keeping up in a sub-Ω coiled mech mod/RDA set-up (28ga kanthal wrapped XC-116 at .7Ω). In a VV/VW device, sweet spot is key to attaining that remarkable balance. While the juice is tasty below and above 10w (5v on a 2.5Ω atty) that is where I found all of the flavors coming together into a single cohesive profile, and while even this wattage produces only a mild throat hit, the vapor production is magnificent.

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