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The Vapor Chef Frosty Blue Jazzberry


After a remarkable first showing from The Vapor Chef’s Honey Pearry, I was particularly excited to crack open the next bottle for review from one of the newer vendors to enter the gourmet/boutique e-liquid market. As a chef myself, not only was I curious to see if The Vapor Chef could continue to impress, but I was hoping to see his take on something a bit simpler than the Honey Pearry.

While chef’s are often thought of as creating complex, hard to follow recipes with dozens of ingredients, the reality of what separates a good chef from a great one is the ability to do something truly spectacular using only a few simple ingredients. That’s what I was hoping to see from this e-juice, something simple, straightforward, and most importantly, downright tasty.

The Frosty Blue Jazzberry is certainly simple, bringing together a candy-like blue raspberry with a slight hint of the cooling ‘ice’ component often found in fruit blends. The raspberry is bright and vibrant with a strong dose of sour tart, and a mild pleasant acidity that is well controlled. This particular blue raspberry flavor, similar to the one found in blue Icee and Dum Dum lollipops, is one I’ve had countless times before in e-liquid form, and one that has the potential to bring a little too much acidity to the blend, making the vape less than enjoyable. It seems as though The Vapor Chef found a way to counter that effect as the flavor is not used sparingly, yet the acidity is easily kept in check.

The chilly “frosty” component of the juice is a very nice addition to the blue raspberry, and while there’s not an awful lot of it in the mix, there’s enough to lend the finish a crisp, clean quality that cuts through the sweetness of the candy-like fruit and leaves your mouth with an icy cool tingle.

I preferred to vape this one just over 8 watts or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This wattage keeps all the flavors at their brightest, produces a solid throat hit and nice plume of vapor.

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